Highly Empowering

After having had the opportunity to experience the power and magic of Jamie's healing presence in two of her group ceremonies, I felt moved to try an individualised session with her and am so glad I did! with the gentle and compassionate guidance of Jamie's highly attuned perception and depth of wisdom on what was needing to be healed - and a great deal of skillful artistry - I was able to trust and surrender to the unfolding of a miraculous and meaningful journey. For me, this work seems to meet me at the most fundamental and at the same time most subtle strata of my being, striking chords and hitting resonances in previously unsounded places. I believe it is from this place that we are able to remake ourselves, or rather allow ourselves to be remade, and in that sense Jamie's work is highly empowering. Rather than it being one discreet and transformative journey, it seems to offer people the gift of a more direct and intimate experience of themselves, from which real and lasting change can happen.

- Jillian Crocker

Jamie LuComment