True Purpose

"Hello Jamie,  I am massively inspired by you and the way you share your energy. From this my true purpose is now clearer than ever. Immediately after our session I returned to my villa to continue the journey with some meditation. I opened myself fully to the possibility of [traveling to] Peru as this was clearly the next step for me to enliven my shamanic ability. Only hours afterwards I received an email with special invitation from a Shaman I sit with in Australia inviting me to Peru in October this year. I've adjusted and extended my trip and I'm very excited about this opportunity. [Since the session] other synchronicities have continued to unfold....The energy and reiki I share with others seems much more powerful than ever before. Intention and purpose flowing and radiating strongly. Everything is lining up, not a grain of sand out of place. I continue to surrender, let go and just focus on putting one foot in front of the other one day at a time. Much love, deep gratitude, big hugs and blessings!"

- Kate, Australia

Jamie Lu