The Most Real Experience of My Life

"Thank you so much for our session on Friday. I have talked to many people about how beautiful, harmonious and deeply cleansing it was. The amazing openness through my pelvis and womb has left me feeling lighter and freer, the first time for a long time. The relaxation that your beautiful voice and sounds induced was so deep, full of suka. I barely felt as if I could pull my body back to move afterwards. I felt so 'even' and balanced, everything fitting where it should. Once again, I feel the organic movement that has brought you over to my path and it was so clearly the next step in my journey.  The possibilities that a healing like Fridays offers are enticing and joyful. What I gained from this experience, I will carry in my skin and heart and body when I sit and practice Zazen, a deepening of the Tao. I am not very articulate in terms of testimonials. I just feel so gushy about the whole experience that I don't want it to sound incoherent because it was anything but. It was the most real experience of my life....a holistic body and soul experience with deep clarity and awareness. Warmest heartfelt blessings."

- Mary Pentecost, Australia

Jamie Lu