Reconnection and physical shifts

"Wow. How to describe an angel's touch? Realigned with your expanded being. Your inner divinity. This is sacred work indeed. Reconnection, spaciousness, cellular clearing, physical shifts... My channels opened and filled with spirit. Two days later, I am still at a loss for words... :)

[3 weeks later] What I love about these beautiful sessions is this: Your body-mind-soul is reminded of its original state of openness, relaxation, power. As your whole system receives this reminder, it returns more easily to this place in the following weeks. You begin to recognize this openness as normal and allow it more often into your life. You feel the difference when tensions and constriction reappear ~ from those limiting beliefs you have carried for so long. As you now see and hold your insecurities in love they naturally release…and you feel again such deep peace. It becomes the familiar feeling of having your eyes and heart fully opened, “Aaaah, I am again home.”

- Amber Dawn, Ubud, Bali

Jamie Lu