Gaining Clarity & Aligning to True Self

"Dearest Jamie, This is long overdue but finally I am here writing the testimonial of the beautiful experience I had in Jan 2015 in Ubud. Thank you so much for creating such a peaceful, beautiful and open atmosphere. It was my first time I took part in an energy healing and I decided not to read anything before the session. I purely loved it! I particularly liked the fact that there were not too many instructions before the session started, I felt it created and left space for the actual experience instead of lot of explanation to rationalize things. It was pure unconditional love in the room!  During the session I fell into very deep and meditative space with my entire body and felt such waves of love and release. Something painful also got released from my body and mind, tears, tears, tears. Very healing and I did not feel any need to start to explain what anything was, it felt so safe and good.  Your hands and energy was so beautiful when you moved close by and on my body, so safe.  After the session I felt such clarity, rootedness and so connected with myself and SO present. Pure beauty and was so very open!  Thank you so such for this healing experience, I shall come back when I am back in Ubud.  Love from Helsinki."

- Johanna Rajamaki, Helsinki

Jamie Lu