Hyperthyroidism is gone!

Macey is reunited with the beautiful Sound/light healer, Jamie Lu from Bali. Macey had a session with Jamie in Nov 2016, which we captured on SHE LivingTV. For those who would like to see what's involved in a personalized session, please see this video of Macey's healing at the end of this article.

Macey has struggled with health issues much of her life. She was diagnosed with "failure to thrive" at 6 months old, had gastro issues, sensory sensitivity, growth challenges, anxiety, and finally hyperthyroidism. After years of seeing doctors of all kinds, endless lab work, supplements and dietary changes (no gluten, no dairy), we finally have a team of alternative healers she is happy with, and Jamie Lu is one of them.

I can't say exactly how sound healing works, but I can understand intuitively that sound vibration can reach into places for deep healing, for the mind, body and soul. Jamie uses both crystal bowls and her voice to transmit these healing tones.

What I DO know, is that Macey's condition has greatly improved (hyperthyroidism is gone!), and that Jamie herself had serious health ailments before finding her way to her own healing.

As someone with a science and medicine background, I believe we have much to learn about the healing arts, and would encourage everyone to try these "alternative" modalities. I know for certain that 10+ years of traditional medicine, pediatricians, gastroenterology, otolaryngology, endocrinology, vaccines, antibiotics, pharma, blood tests and diagnostics, did NOT heal my daughter, and may have compounded her problems. Round and round we went, until we built a team of healers in naturopathy, homeopathy, functional medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, osteopathy, yoga, organic food, and yes, sound healing that has set her spirit free these last two years!

So if anyone wonders what kind of whoo-whoo people find their way to sound healing, its people like me, who have tried EVERYTHING else, and are SO GRATEFUL to discover the healing powers of Love, Beauty, Sound, and the Breath. This is SOUL healing and deeply nourishing:) Try it!

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