Drug Addiction

"Jamie is a master in the art of ancient healing...she can help you overcome any emotional (& physical!) trauma that you may be experiencing, no matter where you are in the world. She's treated & healed many people, ranging from women who've suffered miscarriages to people who are battling AIDS.  She has helped me overcome a very long battle with substance abuse & truely gave me a 2nd chance at life. You deserve the happiest life possible...this is it, you only have one life, make it the best!

I am grateful for all that she's done for me. She is a master, she's a highly sought out healer & energy worker, truely one of the best, as well as one of the most compassionate persons I know. She will work with you, no matter what the problem is you're facing or what your financial situation is...she has nothing but love to give."

- Julie Aldridge, Texas, USA

Jamie Lu