Womb Healing

"It is with deepest gratitude that I thank you for the Divine Feminine Mastery session we had on Saturday. I was blown away by how the session unfolded. I honor you, Kwan Yin, Pacha Mama, my guides, the Universal Life Force, and my deepest Inner Knowing and True Seeing that brought everything together in that moment in time.

I would like to share now a few glimpses of a few of the powerful moments that I was not able to share at the time. My womb spoke up, without words, but with opening and presence. She sent tendrils out elsewhere through my body. She guided my body to hold itself in certain ways to allow energy to vibrate in focused areas that needed unblocking.

For a long time, I could feel sparkling, vibrating earth energy and sparkling, vibrating cosmic/spirit energy throughout my body. The former sparkled more densely down low, and the latter more densely up high, but both not only filled my entire being - they were my entire being. I connected with the truth of "me" being the melding, the meeting field, of spirit energy and physical form of embodied life on earth.

There were also moments I verbally shared at the time, including when I felt like I was being stripped naked and broken wide, and later with the experience of being newly born into a more fluid, and flexible being. I said "midwifery" to you then because it felt like you had served that role. I had been both child and mother, giving birth to myself, but you held sacred space, a safe space, making me feel safe and supported with your warm and embracing heart, letting me know I was not alone."

-  Alexandra, Califronia

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