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The Language of Light

Transformative sound healing Workshops


The sacred sound goes beyond the human word,
and beyond the human understanding, to touch the depths of the human heart.


The Language of Light Workshops

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.” - Rumi

The Language of Light is a sacred offering that cannot be understood by the mind alone, as by its very nature is the energy that transcends word and the limitation of knowledge. All answers can be found by going within. During these workshops, the energetic field of the heart is held in a space where one can come into rapid realisations and deeply heal the inner wounds. This is the space for expansion and miracles to arise organically. This is a space to meet the Divine within. It is by way of inner listening that we connect to our Divine nature, from here all is possible; the being becomes empowered, the being is made aware of it's potentiality. This is a space where you will come into a deep unraveling of yourself to reveal the core of who you truly are.



knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand

It is not what we know that carries us to freedom, it is a sincere Surrender to the unknown. The Sacred Sound is the vehicle that transports us into meeting our boundless, all loving Source.


“The core of healing trauma is accessing life energy, one bit at a time” - S. Levine

From Jamie:

"I am not a teacher or healer. Although I have been called one, and most people will understand me as this. All I do is share the presence of Divine Love and Grace.  The "healing" happens by the Grace of Creator and the openness of the receiver. In this simplicity, we can return to a pure state of alignment to the infinite Love we are here to realize and embody. Within inner listening, we come into the wisdom that sets the world free of its troubles.  The time is upon us to let go of old ways of doing, to live in the freedom and natural joy of knowing our true connection to all of life. In every harsh moment, we can bring softness. We can know the power of Love. The planet is changing, the Universal energies are ripe now to experience the truth within you. 

I believe that connecting back to what is most natural, back to the wisdom of the Planet and the sacred connection of life makes it possible to transcend the fear, disease and the violent conflict endemic on our planet. I believe people do not need to be healed, saved or rescued. People do not need to re-invent the wheel, build more up and succeed in more things. People need to stand in Love. People need knowledge of their own sacred power and how to access it. The power I speak of has been forgotten. The power I speak of is the silent, sovereign Truth of the heart. The awakening of the Heart's Truth is what will set the world free.

I am currently offering this sacred sound container. Every time we relax into this container our consciousness expands to become present with the Truth that wishes to arise at that time. In these groups and private sessions, Divine Consciousness is transmitted in the form of healing frequencies and tones, light language and energetic alignments all guided in flow with Spirit, beyond any technique or modality. The ceremonies naturally enliven healing capabilities and breakthrough subconscious blocks to empower the emergence of your true self.  It activates our inner knowing and helps us to move forward with our lives. " 

"Wow, wow, wow, what a session! Powerful divine – beyond words. Happy, happy, thank you so much! ❤ 🙂 .-)"

"Sending you so much love and gratitude Jamie.🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 ❤️ Thank you angel... really.💖😇✨ I can't stop crying today. It feels like a miracle after the amount of pain I woke up with at 6am today --- I'm truly amazed...the pain has lowered significantly.😳😭 It is incredible...I'm speechless hun. All I know right now is how effective your energy healing is and I don't know how I can thank you enough. 🙏🏼💝"

"After the session I experienced a deep remembrance of who I am and what I'm here to do. It's been a lifelong inner process, God knows, and today I honor Jamie Lu for facilitating an absolutely wondrous session where this is the written conclusion: Thank YOU from Eternal Space for this Giant Loving Gifting."

"Again - thank you for the amazing experience - I was a little dazed when you asked for feedback but I want to reintegrate how grateful I am for such a powerful experience. The energy I felt was very active for me. I also felt the presence of my mother-in-law who passed away a couple winters ago and was immediately driven to tears - from both sadness and an overwhelming joy to feel her closeness. I was quite tired after the session that night, but Sunday morning I woke up very energised and motivated -
I felt really great - refreshed from the spiritual spa! The Light language felt most energetic and active during the times in the sound bath "


From the channel, Ashera, the Queen of Heaven:

"This language goes beyond the human word, and beyond the human understanding, to touch the depths of the human heart.  This is no "language" but a light that the soul and the bodies DNA are familiar and well attuned with, as it has been designed this way since the origins of your existence. In this transmission of Source light and information, All that is shared will be felt and understood by the Soul, and all that is gained shall be integrated within your BEing. If now is not the appropriate time for your BEing to accept these light codes, then it will remain within your field until you are ready to access it. When one hears this language with just their physical ears, one may try to understand it's origins, its era, its meaning, its content. This cannot be fully realised for what is being shared transcends time and space and the dualistic nature of reality itself. It is a time-less, non-dual, multi-dimensional light that is expressed in the physical through the channel, yet it's whole expression starts within the convergence point within the One heart -- so we shall meet in a field of Oneness, together from the heart, to share in this Universal Light as it is a Universal Language of Divine Love.

This Language is channeled from above and below, as such it is intrinsically connected to and attuned with the Earth as much as the greater Cosmos. In some ways, you can inner-stand it as a Language of the New Earth as it carries codes from the sacred heart of the 5th Dimension and Mother Terra Christa, the fully ascended planet of commUnity and Peace. This channel can only be accessed through the vibration of Compassion and True Love, as the conduit has prepared herself over many lifetimes to skilfully channel this particular frequency where now, the time is most appropriate for it to be shared. " 

for Groups & Individuals

Individuals like Jamie are activating other souls to the New Earth and anchoring them into the 5th Dimensional Timelines.  Book a remote session or attend a workshop in Mt. Shasta:

The Power of Sound Healing

Sound Healing

The psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that the medicine of the future would be sound. The German philosopher Rudolf Steiner predicted that "pure tones will be used for healing." Nostradamus also foretold the healing of cancer though pure tones, now a reality today. The Hopi American Indian prophecy tells of the "coming of the Rainbow People" through the keepers of the crystal bowls.  In Christian theology, it was said that Christ attained the Diamond Body through sacred sounds while the Tibetan monk, Khenpo A-chos, was documented ascending into a Rainbow Body after which "mysterious music came from the sky".  The philosopher, Pythagoras of Greece, discovered that the seven keys of the Greek system of music had the power to incite the various emotions including states that could sooth people, calm people, and make people happy. The Ancient Egyptians used the power of sound for healing and longevity.  

Many scientists, musicians, doctors and health practitioners refer to the undisputed power of sound as preventative, restorative and advanced promotive of health and healing.

Music is the celestial sound, and it is sound that controls the whole universe, not atomic vibrations. Sound energy, sound power, is much, much greater than any other power in the world.
—  Swami Satchidananda

Healing With Sound

Some benefits of Sound Therapy:

  • Affects all cells in your body.

  • Balances both hemispheres of the brain. 

  • Changes our old patterns of behaviour, habits and way of thinking that no longer serve us and are harmful to our health.

  • Cleanses negative energy and emotions.

  • Connecting with your higher self. 

  • Deep relaxation.

  • Helps to recover after illness, traumas and invasive medical treatments. 

  • Helps to cope with life's challenges.

  • Improves sleep. 

  • Increases vital energy flow, creativity, intuition and motivation.

  • Makes positive changes to our whole being.

  • Removes blockages and toxins.

  • Self-regeneration. 

  • Soothes, purify and harmonise your emotions and feelings.

  • Stimulates circulation. 

  • Stimulates endocrine glands and regulates hormonal functioning.

  • Strengthens immune system. 

  • Stress reduction.

Energy moves in waves, waves move in patterns, patterns move in rhythms. A human body is just that; energy, waves, patterns, rhythms.
— Gabrielle Roth

By way of meditation and connecting to the Divine,
Jamie Lu channels through a Hz alchemy of healing that raises the vibration of a person to effect positive shifts in body and consciousness.

This can catalyse an expanded state of awareness where the deeper mysteries of one's self and Spirit can be revealed.  She utilizes specific sound healing instruments such as Crystal Bowls, Bells and Tuning Forks that create the Solfeggio Frequencies known to bring harmony and transformation to the body.  The Crystal Bowls in particular, have an effect in healing the brain by inducing the state of consciousness called  "Theta". Theta is termed the Miracle State, as it is the brain wave responsible for re-patterning the subconscious mind, which if left to rule, can run our lives and create disharmony and depletion of vital energy. 

We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.
— Albert Einstein