Women's Enlightenment Journey

Women's Enlightenment Journey

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Enlightenment is a simple moment of many moments that can be experienced in one’s life. Enlightenment is for everyone. It is when one experiences awareness and freedom where there was once suppression or pain. I was asked to create this program from the Divine Mother, to assist women in liberating themselves from the wheel of suffering and raising them into the pure light of awareness. This is for females who want to be creators of their life and business. We look at the feminine pain body, the common belief systems that keep women from feeling full and confident, from finding happiness, true love and wealth. Together we go on the path of Love to liberate yourself from these bindings.

I am sharing the teachings of Love, High-End Healing Care, and Effective Spiritual Solutions that have helped me and countless other women find their Divine connection, voice and feminine strength. This program is life changing. Any one can join, the only requisite is a willingness to learn and love.

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Lady Quan Yin: “It is my responsibility, To bring the creative forces of the Universe, which happen to be feminine forces, back to the Universe, instil them in their neutral point, imbue them with the light of Creator and remind all souls, male and female, about our need to return to the creative forces. Until and unless we learn to support, respect and revere the feminine forces, we cannot make headway.”

This 3 month personal healing process will accelerate you in your Spiritual Growth and Feminine strength.

  • Receive the High-end Healing Care and the heart based wisdoms you need to upgrade your life, easily and joyfully. It doesn’t have to be hard.

  • Dissolve what blocks you from using your true voice and serving the world with your Divine Purpose.

  • Heal the bullying and the pain of other people’s thoughts and ideas about you.

  • Release stress, anxiety and feelings of un-worthiness, perfectionism, self-consciousness and clear the energetic inhibitors to your ascension.

  • Dissolve patterns of shyness, playing small, being the doormat, people pleasing, over serving, collapsing into insecurity and doubt.

  • Reclaim your true Source of worth, power and beauty.

  • Learn how to stop denying connection, choice, enjoyment, money, and step into your own Divine Presence that is aligned to your Values.

  • You do not have to work hard. Release shame from receiving the wealth you deserve and radically transform how you show up and operate in your life.

  • Your Intuition is your Key to Success: receive in Intuition training.

This program is a vehicle for Accelerated Feminine Ascension. This program will require your trust and surrender to the path of Light that our all loving universe and your Higher Self has planned for you.

This 3 month healing process is an initiation into your Divine Feminine, a fully tapped in and lit up woman who is in touch with her wisdom and can manifest her dreams from her heart. She is balanced with her femininity and masculinity and is present to the endless love and possibilities of our abundant Universe. This is for women whom wish to grow Spiritually, and come into balance in their relationships and find their life purpose. You will be given personal, healing energy transmissions from Source, Lady Kuan Yin and Your Guides that are assisting you through your Ascension.

We will work intimately with the Divine that allows for transformation to happen in your life with ease and grace. This process serves to awaken the individual to the radiance of her heart, her Soul Song/Signature, Divine Purpose and next evolutionary step -- Downloads from the Divine Higher Consciousness occur, providing vision and greater clarity and deep healing for the individual, and this can happen long after the program is complete. Please release any expectations that shifts need to happen immediately, because the most important ones usually happen gradually and over time.

This process is LIFE CHANGING, requires your commitment and leads too
: Unblocking greater creative potentials, Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change, Activating full expression and empowerment, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair), Connecting to the best relationships for you, Manifesting the highest and best outcomes, and Returning to Spiritual Order.

  • One-on-One Liberation coaching

  • High-End Remote healing sessions

  • Vocal empowerments and Confidence building

  • Intuition, clairvoyance, telepathic development and learning

  • Advanced Sound and Meditation practices

  • Online Video Training Modules

  • 4 Sessions a month, 12 Sessions total in the program

  • Sessions are conducted online, over Facetime or Zoom


Introductory Investment: Pay in FULL: $5000 (SAVE $2,500)

Payment Plan: $2000 upfront + 3 x $1000 consecutive monthly payments.
Retreat Upgrade: For $1000 more, You get: A spot on one of my Healing Retreats in Hawaii or Mount Shasta, California, normally priced at $2,300+