The Liberation - Energy Reading & Healing

The Liberation - Energy Reading & Healing

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The Liberation Sessions with Jamie Lu are intuitive healings that happen in flow with the reading. Unlike the Sound Embodiment Sessions, we talk openly about the challenges you face, while a combination of guidance and healing is channeled for you. Our time together will help you clarify and understand the root cause of your challenges while providing you with timely energetic support to assist you in your rise. Release the multi-dimensional blocks that keep you from where you want to be. We intuitively look into the unconscious and pull out the programs that suppress your sacred power to heal yourself, express yourself and be free in the world. I recommend combining this session with a Sound Embodiment Therapy for deeper integration.

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The Liberation: The call to Let Go and Rise.
The Spiritual Awakening is a personal journey of self discovery that leads to the illumination of inner wisdom and freedom from patterns of suffering.

How to Book an Online Session:
Upon booking, you will receive a link to my online calendar. Select “The Liberation Session” and set the most convenient time for your session. You will later receive a link where we will meet online, via Zoom video conferencing. Thank You!

How to Book an In-Person Session:
I see visitors for treatments, trainings and retreats in Mount Shasta, California and Maui, Hawaii. I travel a lot, so hosting a group event, or individual sessions where you are, can also be arranged. Email me at to check my calendar and arrange an in-person meeting.