Sound Embodiment Session

Sound Embodiment Session

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A potent combination of refined Energy Healing for the body, Theta Healing to clear the unconscious from blocks, and Sacred Sound Transmissions to facilitate alignments to your true nature. These sessions are intended to bring you into immediate relief and can bring you closer to embodying more lightness, wholeness and peace of mind. This treatment works on the holistic level, from which a deep healing process of heart–mind–spirit–body unfolds. It is a relaxing process that amplifies energy flow, clearing deep seeded blocks that prevent our natural state of happiness, wellness and abundance. Anything is Possible.

Unlike the Liberation Sessions, this is not a reading or coaching. It is a sound and energy therapy where you the receiver, can experience the answers to your questions first hand. It is important to know that this treatment works with key areas of the brain, body and heart. Deep energetic releases can occur. Jamie uses Sound, Source energy, and Light Language to help move stagnation and trapped energy. This therapy is incredibly supportive for the nervous system and greatly relieves anxiety and unknown sources of tension. These sessions are not for diagnosing or treating a condition, however, are helpful in understanding and shifting the energetic root cause of most aliments. Many people have reported spontaneous improvements in their health, intuition, magnetism, and relationships due to an increase in vibration from these sessions. These are just examples. Please do not form expectations, but allow yourself to be curious and surrendered to the best possible healing outcome for yourself.

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How to Book:
Upon booking, you will receive a link to my online calendar. Select “Sound Embodiment Session” and set the most convenient time for your session. You will later receive a link where we will meet online, via Zoom video conferencing. Please have a good pair of headphones or speakers ready so you can HEAR and FEEL the energies during the session! Thank You!

How to Book an In-Person Session:
I see visitors for treatments, trainings and retreats in Mount Shasta, California and Maui, Hawaii. I travel a lot, so hosting a group event, or individual sessions where you are, can also be arranged. Email me at to check my calendar and arrange an in-person meeting.


Healing Reviews:

Dance Injury:
“The severe physical pain I had at the time practically vanished within hours after her session. I was astonished that I was able to recover so quickly and walk again. I was also able to understand the deeper messages of my physical manifestation. Deep gratitude to Jamie and her loving presence. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for alternative therapies. I believe that her work is one in a million and will continue to touch many other lives with her pure gift from source.”

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
“Jamie is truly the most humble, incredible healer I have seen. I have had what the doctors would label CFS for over 10 years and have seen countless practitioners. Jamie is able to see so clearly how the physical, emotional and physic bodies are interrelated and work on the specific area that needs to shift. Her treatment had me in a deep theta state, which is hard for me to slip into due to my physical pain. She uses sound healing and her incredible voice to go even deeper. I set an intention at the start that has been abundantly  fulfilled. After Jamie's session I had this new found peace and wholeness inside of myself. I'm also able to connect to my inner truth and guidance, which has allowed many layers of denial to be removed, by trusting and surrendering. Be prepared for miracles to happen when you see Jamie. She has truly changed my life and I'll be forever grateful.”

Womb Healing: 
"The amazing openness through my pelvis and womb has left me feeling lighter and freer, the first time for a long time. The relaxation that your beautiful voice and sounds induced was so deep, full of suka. It was the most real experience of my life....a holistic body and soul experience with deep clarity and awareness" - Mary Pentecost, Australia

Ovarian Cyst: 
"In the day after the session I was very thirsty, I had also a dream that made me cry a lot, even when I got up. I was also thinking about Jamie's kindness and it was very comforting. Yesterday, I had my appointment with my doctor and No cyst anymore :)" - Lindsay, Singapore

"I love Jamie! The healing sessions with her have been extremely powerful and transformative for me. The combination of energetic work, touch, sound healing, voice, and her spiritual wisdom, emotional intelligence, kind caring loving presence is awesome.  she really managed to guide me through a deep process cleansing which strongly made me feel like I'm releasing loads of blockages and emotional baggage. After every session I come out feeling so good, light happy awakened, like my vibrations are in high clean frequencies and with a big smile on my face that stays with me for long time after. Thank you Jamie!" - Amit, Ubud Bali

Instant Manifestation:
"Dearest Jamie, I want to thank you for your beautiful and blessed healing session with me on Tuesday, so many things have unfolded before me, that were blocked, I am left in a state of relief, peace and gratitude. During our session, I felt very relaxed and felt the energies flow through me on a cellular level. It was as though my cells were burning off residual patterns and energy that no longer served me, as if I received a cell turn over and rejuvenation. My entire inner experience felt like a heat of energy burning throughout all of my cells leaving me vibrating to process all that was burning off...The following day [I experienced] a major break through! I want to extend my deepest gratitude for all that you do. And to also acknowledge your beautiful voice and tones of Angelic light codes, what a Divine healing session indeed. With all my love and gratitude." - Julz, Ubud, Bali

Soul Re-Union:
"I have had three sessions with Jamie Lu, and plan to have her work be a part of my life for some time to come. This combination of energy work with angelic sound healing sends my soul home. Rejuvenates my being and allows my body to fall into a deep rest. Words cannot describe the complete peace and harmony I experience when Jamie Lu starts the session and I drift off into another dimension where Jamie guides my soul out of mazes that trapped my spirit, guides me back to the light realm that she resides in, and raises my frequency..."   - Nick Wallaki, Ubud Bali

Most Amazing
"Jamie has the most beautiful energy. I have never felt so relaxed during a treatment and when It finished I felt lifted, calm and full of light. Even weeks after the session when I returned back to England I felt full of love and gratitude and aligned back to my highest self. Having a session with Jamie was one of the best experiences of my life and one of the best things I've done for myself. Thank you Jamie for gifting me with an experience so beautiful and uplifting. I've had a lot of energy healing and my session with Jamie was the most amazing I've ever experienced. One of the most amazing experiences. The world needs more people like her. Full of pure divine love and light." - Cate London