Mount Shasta Private Retreats

Mount Shasta Private Retreats

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VIP Private Healing retreats
Private retreats for conscious parents & children,
couples, and individuals.
Ongoing through Summer and Fall of 2020.

Retreat price is per person.

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Private Retreats for Conscious Families, Individuals and Couples of all kinds.

Gorgeous Accomodations Provided by Guru Shasta:
Vegan Catering Provided on Request
Children under 5 years of age are free

Internationally renowned healer and wellness coach, Jamie Lu and her team of holistic practitioners invite you to a sacred retreat in Mt. Shasta, a high vibrational power point on the Earth known to bring about significant realizations and transformations.

For Families: Jamie works with empathic, energetically sensitive and creative children with their parents to bridge gaps, strengthen bonds and bring awareness to these children’s special needs & gifts while experience a deeply enriching renewal and healing journey together. Empathic and Sensitive children need special care. Together we build a loving and empowering bond between child and parent through new education and tools. These private one on one retreats are designed to help your family unit dissolve blocks to it's true nature and come into a complete knowing of wholeness, of love, of vibrant health and joy together.

"Most issues in adult hood stem from experiences in childhood. We are presenting a new template for the conscious raising of empowered children, starting with assisting families and parents to be." - Jamie Lu

For Individuals: Renew, unwind and detox from your everyday. Many come to see Jamie Lu in Mount Shasta for a deep healing experience and re-connection with the sacredness of nature. With exceptional knowledge base, skill and gifts in healing, Jamie unlocks the body for radical shifts and assist in empowering individuals to be all that they came here in life to be. 

For Students: Jamie does 1-1 training in Awakening, Intuition, Light Language and Vibrational Healing, for students who are interested in learning more about the art of instant healing and vibrational transformation.

For Couples: Jamie works with awakening couples to bridge gaps, strengthen bonds and bring awareness to your special needs & purpose as a couple, while experiencing a deeply enriching renewal and healing journey together. Your price retreat is designed to help your union dissolve blocks to it's true nature and come into a complete knowing of wholeness, of love, of vibrant health and joy together.

An Example Day

Check in and get cozy at your private Mount Shasta retreat, grab a drink and prepare for a life changing day.

Liberating Healing Sessions: Individual sessions with Jamie that clears old energy, negative habit patterns, and blocks that feed into anxiety.  

Other Activities: Horse Bonding/Animal Therapy,  Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, Energy Healing Sessions with the Diamond Healing Collective, and Vocal empowerment lessons.

A Sacred Site Adventure: There are many options to choose from; visits to Sacred Sites in Mount Shasta that are unknown by tourists. A water purification ceremony in a sacred lake, or dance to the beat of a live drum circle, raising our frequencies to call in our highest vision and creation together.

Relax: Integrate, journal, play or rest...break time is important when you're evolving so quickly! 

Hot Springs: Soak in amazing nearby hot springs for your down time enjoyment.


Upon booking, payment in full is required. Rooms are first come first served. 
All requests for cancellation must be submitted in writing. The following outlines cancellation policies: 

  • Once we set a date for your retreat, Refunds cannot be honored. Changes to the schedule can be made without a fee. Exchanges can be given as Credit which can be applied at equal value towards another Love Rising offering, including the Love Rising Academy.

  • If the participant arrives late to the Retreat or leaves prior to its conclusion, refunds will not be made for any unused portion of the retreat. No refunds will be made for meals, yoga classes or other activities that the participant misses or decides not to participate in for any reason.