OmniCore 9" Gold/Silver

OmniCore 9" Gold/Silver

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Our 9” Gold and Silver OmniCore is ideal for your home, offices, gardens and farms. It can grace a desk, coffee table, or hang from the ceiling. This clears a radius of 2400 ft. We hand craft the OmniCore from tarnish resistant Gold and Silver plated copper wire that amplifies the effects of the Crystal that sits in the middle.

Citrine is a premier stone for the manifestation of money and empowerment.
Green Fluorite is a healer, detoxifier and energizer of all chakras, and dispels negative energy.

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Shipping and Handling
Sometimes we have items already in stock, but oftentimes we hand-make your order. Please allow 3 days to 2 weeks for us to make and ship your OmniCore!

The OmniCore Crystal Technology is a sacred geometric healing tool that brings immediate balance to the body when you hold it, assists in manifestation and increases the flow of positive energy and possibilities into your life. Made from the combined the works of Dr. Langham and Dr. Walter Russell, the Copper Coil and Citrine crystal core, attenuates and harmonizes the bodies natural bio electric-magnetic flow. The feeling is instant. It is a genius combination of Crystal, Selfica, and Orgone Technology, resulting in a bio-energetic device that aligns the user to Natural Creation Law and Universal Flow.

OmniCore has fans from all around the world that are using it as an effective sleep aid, a pain and stress reducer, an energy booster, and a manifestation tool to bring in more abundance. A natural harmonizer, It works immediately to bring you into balance by simply holding it.

OmniCore is pleasing and a powerful tool for personal and planetary healing. The OmniCore also offers protection from harmful EMFs and radiation, when it is attached to a grounding wire and plugged into a grounding socket or placed into the ground.