Divine Mother Mandala

Divine Mother Mandala


All Mandalas were created while the artist was absorbed in meditation and are imprinted with the Ancient Wisdoms via light language and light codes. Work with these mandalas and their message in meditation. Hang them on your walls to cleanse and activate your sacred spaces. Frame not included.

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Art Print: 9x11 Gallery quality gloss print on natural white, silk coated, ultra smooth, stock paper using Epson K3 archival inks. Custom trimmed with .5" border for framing.

The Divine Mother Light Code

Back Side:

"When we dive deep into the waters of what we really are,
when we climb to the very peaks of our awareness and observe all that we can see, at that depth of this experience resides the Knowing. The Knowing of our Connection. Of our Essence.

This Knowing recognises the one true Source: The Mother. The Great Giver of Life. She is mirrored in All things. Surrounded by the garland of Life. The many colors of Life weaved into the very tapestry that is our existence. Just as a rose bush wears sharp thorns we ourselves wear our own thorns. the irony is that the rose is exquisite, harmless until we attempt to touch it, possess it, and do something other than observe and admire it. It is the same with our lives. If we were to reside in the witness, where would our pain be? When would we experience the sting our own thorns or that of another? When we consider the connection to the one Great Source of Life, what is our relationship? What instant sense do we have towards her? She is always Benevolent. She is always Kind. Respectful. Grateful.

To truly look from the mountain tops and dive into the deep waters, open our minds and open our hearts, is to embrace life and love. It is to embrace the tender humility. It is to respond to the sacred call that speaks to every part of us. Here in this embrace, we in return are embraced by existence, by the Mother herself. Just as love flows, life itself opens its doors in response for it is through love that we experience the depths of synchronicity. It is through love that we actually connect to Living. The Arms and the Heart of the Great Mother is aways open. Ever and always. "


Signed by the artist, Jamie Lu
Created in February 2017.