Divine Love Mandala

Divine Love Mandala


All Mandalas were created while the artist was absorbed in meditation and are imprinted with light language and light codes. Work with these mandalas and their message to ease your travel on the path of Love. Hang them on your walls to cleanse and activate your sacred spaces. Frame not included.

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9x11 Gallery quality gloss print on natural white, silk coated, ultra smooth, stock paper using Epson K3 archival inks. Custom trimmed with .5" border for framing.

The Divine Love Light Code

On the back:

"The expression of Divine Love is the Diamond in the Soul. What we are facing within ourselves is the turning away of this precious gem. It is the forgetting of the flowering of what resides deep within us, as a normal and natural expression. As an intrinsic juice in life.

We forego all that is natural when we forget who and what we are. Inward reflection, meditation, reading, are ways in which that remind us. And yet, using them can be a distraction, when what is really needed is to sit, perhaps by a tree, long enough….silently enough….with enough determination. Enough, to give ourselves Enough of what we need, which is our own Self Recognition.

It is not a doing. It is a Be-coming into BEing, for we have forgotten what it is to BE. That is the step towards Divine Love. From here all else flows. All else is given. All else that is not supported, surrenders itself. When we speak from our heart space there is nothing to relinquish, it is already done. Simply make the choice. Take the step. Turn and use the words of love."

On the Front:

"I choose the gentle, quiet space within me. I choose the peace in my Heart."


Signed by the artist, Jamie Lu
Created in February 2017.