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MiniCore 5” Copper

Usage Tips



OmniCore is a powerful meditation tool.

When you play passively with OmniCore, it will give you the balance you need.

How it works: Make sure you are well hyrdrated. Water allows our body to become highly conductive to subtle energy. Hold the OmniCore between your palms, with the spiral ends touching each palm. Close your eyes, take a few deep breathes, let yourself drift and feel the effects.

Holding the OmniCore™ provides optimization to our nervous system that is immediate. Many have experienced the OmniCore as a Sleep Aid, Pain & Stress Reliever, or Energy Booster, giving the user what is needed to bring the being into balance, in that moment.

When you play actively with OmniCore, and you hold a focus or visualization, it will amplify that intention to be made manifest in your life by aligning you to the vibration. OmniCore will assist you in becoming a vibrational match to your dream and relaxed enough to receive that manifestation in your life.


Put it in your house

5” MiniCore™ will protect and filter a range of 1200 ft. Keep one on your bed side table, your car or take it with you on the plane!

Gardens and potted plants love the MiniCore™, helping them grow strong! MiniCore effects all organic elements, including your body, people around you, plants and pets.


The Citrine Crystal Core

Citrine's radiant yellow and gold energy activates, opens, and energizes the Solar Plexus and Navel Chakras, directing personal power, creativity, and intelligent decisiveness.

Its foremost energy is to aid in manifestation.

Manifesting Tip:
Place prayers, money, and your written visions inside the coils of the OmniCore to amplify your intentions and welcome more of that energy into your life.


How to Clean Pure Copper

MiniCore offers the experience of connecting with raw copper, however, copper does tarnish and patina into a lovey green color over time. For those of you who want to prevent tarnishing, simply soak your MiniCore in a large bowl of Lemon or Vinegar water. About 2-3 slices of lemon, or a half cup of white vinegar in enough water to submerge the MiniCore will do it. The tarnishing will come right off after a few hours of soaking.

The Design


Genesa Crystal

OmniCore's outer design was invented by Dr. Derald Langham, and is known as the “Genesa Crystal”, taking the familiar shape of an atom. This geometric design holds the full potential for infinite love, wisdom, energy and eternal time. He discovered this magical shape through his studies of cells, wherein he saw that all living things shared an 8-cell stage of development. When he used this circular shape in gardening and planting in South America, Dr. Langham noticed that plants grew healthier.


Russel Coil

Dr. Walter Russel, invented the Russel Coil, directly reflecting the true nature of optimal electrical and magnetic flow in all life forms, including the planet. It is OmniCore’s copper coil that attenuates and harmonizes the bodies natural bio electric and magnetic flow with the Earth’s resonant frequency, carrying a natural bio current which the Genesa Crystal then grounds and amplifies.


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