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The OmniCore

OmniCore™ is new Crystal Technology that was created from this question:
How can human beings thrive in the face of growing environmental toxicity and radiation?

The OmniCore Crystal Technology creates the perfect environment to induce self optimization. It is a sacred geometric structure that brings immediate balance to the body when you hold it, placing each hand on it’s polar ends. The copper Coil (invented by Dr. Russell) and Genesa Crystal (invented by Dr. Langham) attenuates and harmonizes the bodies natural bio electric and magnetic flow. The feeling is instant. You always receive what you need in order to come into natural balance, feeling your best.

Effect on harmful emf and wifi radiation frequencies (rf waves)

Copper is one of the absolute most reliable metals when it comes to blocking and shielding EMF radiation. This is primarily due to its ability to attenuate magnetic and electrical waves.

Our Rad Meter testing shows that when OmniCore is plugged into a grounding socket, using a grounding wire, OmniCore becomes a living vortex, absorbing harmful EMF waves and transfiguring them into a bio-based electro magnetic frequency that stimulates a healing response in the body. It responds like a personal filter, neutralizing and transforming the harmful radiation and unseen EMFs that bombard us on a daily basis, into a wave pattern that the body finds stabilizing.



How to Use OmniCore

12” OmniCore™ will protect and filter a range of 2400 ft. We like to keep one on the bed side table and hang one in the living room. Our garden also features a 12” OmniCore, helping our plants grow strong! OmniCore effects all organic elements, including your body, people around you, plants and pets.

6” Travel Sized OmniCore™ will protect and filter a range of 1200 ft. We take our travel sized OmniCore everywhere we go, on the plane, in the car and place it in our laps when we are in front of our computers. We find quick relief when holding and meditating with the OmniCore.

the Back bone

OmniCore’s design is based on the expanded findings of Dr. Walter Russell and Dr. Langham, all friends of exiled scientist Tesla, these out of box thinkers were leading the liberating research in wave field dynamics, free energy, and all sorts of exciting tech that would solve many of the world’s greatest problems but were never publicly accepted. Dr. Russell invented the Russell coil, and Dr. Langham invented the Genesa crystal. Both of these systems are integrated within the OmniCore.


The effect OmniCore has on our health

The OmniCore™ is a Filter and Transformer of the waves in our environment and the waves within our bodies. The Russel Coil attunes to the Earth’s resonant frequency, carrying a natural bio current which the Genesa Crystal then grounds and amplifies. Holding the OmniCore™ provides optimization to our nervous system that is immediately felt and recognized by our customers and testers. Many experience an immediate sense of relaxation or energization depending on what is needed to bring the being into balance, in that moment.

How to Order

Thank you for your interest in OmniCore™ Crystal Technology.

The OmniCore is a sacred geometric structure. This is an elemental geometry reflecting the ancient wisdom of unity and the modern understanding of interconnectedness.

Used around the world, OmniCore is pleasing and a powerful tool for personal and planetary healing.

We are currently filling orders within two to three weeks, often sooner. Shipping is normally UPS or US mail. We can quote expedited shipping orders. We can ship internationally and make custom orders.

Please feel free to email with any questions you may have. We will be happy to talk to you! - Seth Adam and Jamie Lu

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