Meet your Lemurian Family and Learn about the Ascension/Spiritual Awakening.

"Telos is a city of crystal and light deep in the heart of the mountain of Mount Shasta, California. The Lemurians have always been here, living alongside us, in the higher realms of the 5th dimension. They have patiently awaited the day when they would be able to step forward with others to assist us in the Ascension, or "Great Global Awakening".

Our world is changing quickly now as we step firmly through the doorway of a grand, cosmic scale event that is the accelerating evolution of humanity. Gaia and the many kingdoms that share our world are in the midst of their ascension process also. Everyone and everything is being affected whether consciously aware or not and it benefits us to have some understanding of the shifts taking place."

- Bryan T., Co-Facilitator, Athor of