Jamie Lu

The Opportunity:

You are invited to embark on the greatest journey one could take. Recover the lost, sacred connection to your vital life force and thrive within a high vibe group of other’s committed to Embodying their Awakening. Know the daily magic and miracles that await you when you embrace yourself as complete, free and Divine.

The Love Rising Academy Post Retreat Sacred Immersion & Training.

This is a Certification program and 1 year Group Membership with Jamie Lu.

Includes access to:

  • Compassionate High Vibe Support Group: We are always online via WhatsApp and Facebook.

  • Live group coaching with Jamie Lu, Zoom calls that happen 11 times per year. 

  • Live group Compassion Circles: Essential if you are use to managing your healing processes alone.

  • The Liberation Practices™ online video training

  • 1-1 Liberation Sessions once a month with Jamie Lu and her team of Quantum Clearing Specialists.


  • The 5D School: Learn About the 5th Dimension and your Divine Potentials.

  • The Spiritual Growth Process and Divine Feminine Power (teachings from Ascended Master Kuan Yin)

  • How to identify limiting beliefs, the control drama matrix, and inner resistance that can be sabotaging your dreams and wellness, and how to transform them so you may come into Oneness with all that is.

  • Get in deep with The Liberation Practices™ Teacher Training

  • How to Enhance your Intuition and trust your Divine Inner Guidance.

  • Learn about the Meridien System, Chakra Unification and the Human Bio Energetic System

Be embraced by the magic of this sacred group container. Participants of the Love Rising Academy hold the field of miracles so each one can easily step into abundant flow.  It is a vortex of support that will help us maintain and keep raising our frequency. We are those who have heard the call to bring “Heaven On Earth”. Together we build an energetic access point to “All That Is” and clear connection with your higher self. This is a program and energetic container where you are bathed in knowingness and powerfully nurtured by divine support. The “I AM” presence. The School’s Intention is to deliver the realization and frequency of Oneness and your connection to everything for you to embody, enjoy and express.

This school is a finely tuned and cared for container that is crafted for you to enter deep into yourself and discover your unbounded truth. You will be held within a supportive space by a rockstar team of professional facilitators who specialize in The Liberation Practices™. These practices allows us to uncap the vibrational inhibitors in life so we may glide effortlessly along our highest trajectory path of Love and Joy!


It's called The Liberation because this is the deep work we do to shift the energetic-vibration of your life. Until you shift the vibrational energy in your body you will not be a vibrational match to what you are dreaming and asking for. If you have been doing spiritual and self development work for a long time but are still experiencing roadblocks to your dreams, The Liberation practices are often the missing link.  Our Quantum and Practical exercises hone into the hidden emotional, mental and physical blocks to get the chains off of you embodying your fullest joy and abundance.

The Love Rising Academy makes it so you become a qualified teacher of the Liberation Practices. We will only receive 12 participants to keep the energetic integrity of the school.  You will receive deep cellular activations, awakening wisdoms and keys that can skyrocket your inner potentials, and we do this together in like minded Soul Community. Meet others on the Path of Awakening to the heart of who they are.

The Love Rising Academy is a New Earth Visionary Template and a Mystery School Training where these sacred wisdoms and remarkable practices will be passed on to you. You receive deep healing support, integration of your inner workings, and new upgrades. You will learn how to develop your gifts, intuition, rely on your knowing, and clear most blocks that occur in the Body, Mind and Heart.

After this 1 year immersion and with your sufficient practice, you will be given your certification from the Love Rising Academy as a Facilitator of The Liberation Practices™.  The tools, skills and knowledge passed down to you will allow you to hold your own groups, Liberation sessions, and be of great service to the Awakening of humanity.


 The journey of Embodying what love is

is the Greatest Journey one can take


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One Year Sacred Immersion

Explore my most transformative and deepest healing offering currently for those undergoing a sacred and delicate transition process in their lives. Move from doubt to unstoppable confidence, exhaustion to energy, and confused to free, living your abundant and radiant life guided by your own clear knowing, One with the Love of the Universe.