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The Golden Opportunity:

You are invited to embark on the greatest journey a woman can take...into the heart of the Goddess. Recover the lost, sacred connection to a woman's life force and thrive within a high vibe sisterhood. Know the daily magic and miracles that await you when you embrace yourself as complete, whole and Divine.

Unveil your Divinity. Redefine the Goddess. Lead with confident Grace.

“Most problems that you’re dealing with in your life are really not about what you think they’re about, they have a hidden agenda, that agenda is to keep you small and safe.” — Dr. Hendricks

Love Rising Academy is home to a new Women's Leadership and Virtual Healing Center. We are initiating women into the sacred feminine, helping her step into the new face of unshakable feminine leadership that this world needs.

We take part in New, Multi-Dimensional and Quantum healing methods supported by Divine Guidance, Sound and Vibration that works on healing the Heart, the Womb, and the Light Body. This creates leaps and bounds in a woman's evolution in consciousness, flooding the body, mind and heart with new levels of light. To help you integrate your shifts, The Love Rising Academy shares Holistic Education and practices to support a high vibrational life: Nutrition, Relationship, Business and Personal Wellness. We are empowering women to live in purpose and flow with a life she profoundly enjoys. We also provide Sisterhood Retreats in magical Mount Shasta.

A fundamental shift is upon us.  We live in an unprecedented time where women are awakening to a greater purpose and a call to speak up and lead.  The Feminine leader is needed to change the course of humanities future.  We have been born into a distorted masculine way of living in the world that is causing far too many women to suffer from body image issues, damaged self esteem, relationship breakdowns, hormonal problems, sexual abuse, a sense of powerlessness, collective burden of being a woman, competitiveness, needless struggle and financial lack. 

This wouldn’t be the case if she was educated about her life force, the Goddess force within her — how to plug into it and how to take care of it.

Without full connection to her inner Goddess, a woman grows bitter.  Woman is not meant to wilt under the weight of opinions and beliefs of others, she is meant to rise and blossom with other roses. Today, we live in a culture that depends on a “collective hive mind” that doesn’t know how to care for a rose garden and is therefore, missing out on the immense beauty and inspiration of what life could be. 

We are changing that.

Our Programs are plugging women back into the lost, sacred connection to a woman's life force: The rich magnetism and bliss of Feminine Presence. We will help you decondition yourself from the fears of the collective hive mind that squeezes us into small and safe boxes, teaching us how to think, how to feel, how to look, and how to connect to each other.  To assist you in reclaiming your wild essence and stepping into your own power, we have developed a comprehensive training and essential healing tool kit that allows us to access your blind spots so we can heal the source of what is holding you back this is the KEY to overcoming some of the most challenging obstacles that make our relationships conflicting, our bodies sick, and our energies low. 

We will not tell you what to become rather, we are here to help you discover your truth and confidently take action from your authentic feminine core. We do this through a sacred process of healing, guidance, and holistic education so you are well prepared to create the life of your dreams from your unique feminine light. We are providing you with a gentle pathway home to yourself and an ally to your heart's cause. We are Women Being the Difference that Makes the Difference: Unified in Collaboration, Nurturing Support, Womb Healing, Evolving Authenticity, Feminine Connection, Finding Inner Balance, Celebrating Women's Unique Sacred Powers, Manifesting Magic and Miracles as the New Normal! 

Why am I doing this?

I am committed to a vision of a loving and peaceful world to arrive within my lifetime. I have had this vision of a New Earth since a young girl. This Earth pursued values of the heart vs. the mind, creativity came from a higher realm of consciousness then the realm most people operate from today and it has technological advancements that supersede our current. In this Earth, people are connected to the natural laws of the Universe and know how to embrace freedom. All beings are happy and full of light.

In 2012, I experienced a complete life transformation that healed me of disease and launched me on a spiritual quest. Along the quest, various Goddesses and Ascended Masters came to visit me to deliver high initiations into the Divine Feminine Principle.  My training is about the new woman, and what it is to be in divine balance, alignment and flow within a female body. I believe, that when women come into their Divine Feminine power Our world will know great love, prosperity and peace.

The Goddess has asked me to bring women together now, at this time of great global shift, to recover what has been lost. We are sharing the keys of the Divine Feminine to women of all walks, seeing the kind of results most find hard to believe. Honestly, this is the awareness I wish I had when I was child. It's the kind of world-changing catalyst that can save years of needless suffering and put you right on course with your greatest and highest path.  It is my intention that the school provide you with immediate and lasting results that expand over time and integrate gracefully into your life. While you will also experience insights and deep inner-standings, we offer the sacred container, education, integration time, and sisterhood needed for real enduring change. 

There is much to gain in the realm of living true to yourself freedom, expansion, actual change...It's time to drop the perfectionism, the procrastination, and what other people think, and boldly claim what wants to come alive in your authentic skin.  Deep down inside, if you know that you are here to make a difference, and you're ready to make the necessary changes to make your dreams come true, then it is time to listen to your heart and answer the call. 

with Love,
Jamie Lu, Founder of Love Rising Academy


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Women’s Enlightenment Program.

Explore my most transformative and deepest healing offering currently for Women undergoing a sacred and delicate transition process in their lives. Move from doubt to unstoppable confidence, exhaustion to elation, and confused to free, living your abundant and radiant life guided by your own clear knowing, One with the Love of the Universe.