Asthma and Allergic Reactions

Notes from Distance Healing Sessions:

A Client presents himself with a running nose and occasional asthma attacks. Determined to resolve the issue with a purchase of antihistamines, I was guided to ask him if he would rather jump into a spontaneous session knowing well from my training that symptoms are communications from the subtle realms of the Body. Asthma and Allergies can have an underlying psycho-spiritual cause:

Asthma: Habitually responding to the unknown with fear, confusion, distrust, agitation, anxiety - a reflection of the home environment. An attack can be a way to control a tense family situation.
Allergic Reaction to Environment - Physical manifestation of a chronic fear of the unknown.

During the session, his Angelic guidance came through to show me a fear that he was running away from - it appeared as a bright star like light, and it said "I am his true power and essential self, I am unknown to him". Then his body elemental began to show me on another plane of existence, an intense red energy near his umbilical cord. In this area, the cause of the reactions and attacks were energetically bound to his emotions as stored resentment and anger that was inherited through birth. I was instructed to clear the umbilical chord of the anger that was causing inflammation in the body. The Higher Self then came through to bring in Crystalline upgrades and a higher dimensional gateway opened to the elemental fairy realm of the 8th dimension where an aspect of this client's Soul Essence resides. An energetic bridging began to happen where now it is possible for him to access his empowered elemental Self that lives in the 8th Dimension. At this point, the client reported suddenly feeling free of the allergic reaction and washed over with peace and goodness. I was shown that his old programming had now been upgraded within the deeply relaxed Theta state that he was in.  He effectively made the conscious choice to stop running away and instead face the greatness of his future, surrendering fears of the unknown. With much gratitude I was able to witness this being step into his authentic and empowered light. 

Jamie LuComment