How to Release the Inner Judge

A wonderful way to release oneself from the inner judge is to seek reciprocal understanding from the other, where the wise route is to see from objective eyes and ask questions that lead to deeper revelations, oppose to charging a statement about the person or deed, which often leads to dead ends and big messy balls of assumption and one sided perspectives. Or forming a conclusion about a person, which leaves no chance for change to show up.

Hint: Judgements are charged statements about yourself or others that are formed from perception or observation. Judgements can be negative or positive. However, very rarely are judgements based in Truth.

Truth is arrived too through reciprocal understanding. Reciprocal understanding takes bravery and openness to go beyond ones own comfort zone and beliefs that may get challenged or at best, expand into new horizons!

The power of 2 is more effective then the "1" who thinks and therefore stands alone, affixed in the cage of a closed heart and mind. 2 brave souls whom seek the Truth, have the power to expand their thinking and therefore accelerate their evolution. Free at last.

A reason why many do not reach the sweetness of reciprocal understanding can be from the predominant fear of being seen as wrong or imperfect. It's easier to hide away and not show up for fear losing one's protective casing, shielding the vulnerable expression of the Heart's Truth. In the past, one may have been brutally judged, one may have been harmed, one may not be able to TRUST. Without trust, the body begins the automatic response of shutting down the Soul. Do consider that the world comes from a traumatized past. Often times this ill effect requires us to take breaks from one another, and find one's Self again. Yet, traumatised as we are, we are Mighty to overcome by forgiving the past, embracing instead the Present OpportUnity.

When we bust the system of judgement, we step into our power, we have shown up...we have surrendered the charge and dared to be heard in our Heart's Truth. Allowing the Soul to lead creates ripples of kindness and humility and this helps to create a safe space to meet the other. And it feels very very good to do so, as is the nature of attaining the gift of Unity.

Judgement is a charged response to life that increases activity in the sympathetic nervous system and creates division in relationship, and has a polarising effect on our perceptions. When we strike the hammer of judgement we have deemed something as "right" or "wrong" and therefore anticipate some form of positive or negative consequence. Judgement is simply a conditioned world view. Unity is a world view free of conditions.

To claim that another is in judgement, can be a judgement in itself. Consider judgement to not be the miss-use of words but a place from where one is coming from. Is there a harshness in ones tone of voice? Is there a criticality?

What effect then does this tone have upon your world? how does this tone effect another?

Where there is an inner judge, there is always an inner punisher for the two work as a team. Are you ever hard on yourself?

The Truth forged from Compassion is a brilliant light that dissolves the inner judge. Do not seek to run away, withdraw or ease out when your intention is one of Liberation and love for the Truth. Seek to dive in and gain an inner-standing. This may mean shutting up your defences to listen to those who challenge you the most. It is more important to understand then to be understood.

And sweeter still...where there is no inner judge, there can be no inner punisher...!

Busting inner systems gives way to Wisdom. Wisdom leads to a healthier world. It is the Way. 

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In Loving Action,
Jamie Lu

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