Exhausted Mom and Empath

Notes from Distance Healing Sessions:

A mother from San Diego presents herself with exhaustion and the complaint of absorbing the energies of the people and world around her. She reported severe blocks in her solar plexus, sacral and root chakras. She had become hyper sensitive to her environment and was finding it difficult to be herself and express herself. She found my services through a retreat listing online and felt called to a remote session. Upon deeper investigation into her energetics, her Higher Self Guidance communicated to her that it was time to let go of the belief that her empathic nature is too blame for her suffering and instead radically drop the notion that she absorbs outside energies at all. She was reminded that it is well within in her nature and capacity to receive loving and positive energies from the Universe, that her receptivity to the Divine was an automatic response for her, however her energetics lacked boundaries and therefore an inner strengthening needed to take place. She was then connected to her inner Goddess who initiated her into her Divine Feminine empowerment, causing a resilience layer to come online within her field. This layer fortified her space, providing definitive boundary where there was none before and therefore leakage of energy. She then began to merge with her Goddess hologram, allowing the client to feel within her body the coming home into her own power.  She was encouraged to take an objective and neutral approach to her surroundings, simplify and come from a place of heart connection. She was then taken through a marvellous upgrade where I witnessed a brilliant crystal move through her crown and spin through every major chakra, transforming impurities into pure light, sealing energetic tears that were present in her energy field and grounding her to the Sacred Heart of New Earth. This upgraded grounding connection is like a new set of roots that stay anchored to the center of Terra, providing a felt experience of true security, abundance and faith in oneself that the body can feel. 

"Hi Jamie. Since our session I feel more grounded and detached from a lot of things and even with my boyfriend. A lot of things came out of me and I started speaking truth of what I wanted with my boyfriend and others.  I feel more grounded and centered. The message to me was to not absorb peoples energy and it's ok to care but not take anyone problems in not even my kids.  All I can do is guide them.  I feel a lot more comfortable with myself and taking care of my energy field.  I felt calm after the session. A lot of my old things came up as well, how I felt when I was a kid but I stayed calm and let it pass me.  Old wounding came up as well but I stayed calm and let it pass me... I just want to thank you for everything you've done, helping me, guiding me and calling my angels and Goddess in. It was a wonderful experience. Very powerful.  You are a very beautiful person in and out.  I felt a lot of loving energy through you."

- Narin. K, San Diego California