What is the New Earth

Jamie Lu: I have had visions of it since I was a child. This Earth pursued values of the heart vs. the mind, creativity came from a higher realm of consciousness then the realm most people operate from today and it has technological advancements that supersede our current. The New Earth is the world of our future, all energy is free, resources are plenty, children grow up consciously. People are connected to the natural laws of the Universe and know how to embrace freedom and live true to their hearts. People have grown from the inside. They are in touch with their own Divinity. Because the Divine connection has been given back to the people, all beings are happy and full of light.

New Earth exists on the 5D timeline that many are accessing from their meditations and personal growth work and personal self healing journeys.

For those whom are finding themselves in a life transition at this time, you may feel like you are losing your grip on reality. You are entering another dimension. This passage requires your surrender to the unknown, and trust in the unseen guidance that is helping you make important discoveries about yourself. This is what it feels like to ascend into higher consciousness -- to grow from the inside. New Earth requires us to leave all ego based attachments, identities and patterns of suffering behind to embrace a life of true freedom and joy. Many are making this transit. The old world is literally dying. Systems will be falling apart - financial, educational, governmental and spiritual. Spiritual teachers, beliefs and religious institutions will no longer be relevant -- anyone whom is not empowering people to find their own inner truth and connection to the love of Creation can hinder the mass consciousness evolution that is taking place today.

We are leaving the Serious World of Seriousness and entering the realm of Light Heartedness (!) and True Connection. A Sincere Joy and Amplification of Creative Possibilities abound for all those called to pursue their Self-Mastery.

I am stating a Liberation initiative to bring the New Earth reality to more and more people whom are called to wake up and be free from the control-paradigm that underlies the current way of life for many. The Soul calls to another way, and it already knows how to take us there. 

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