About Love: My Work with Kuan Yin and Overcoming Suffering


Since the end of last year, marking my separation with Anthos, my work with Kuan Yin has taken a great turn. This transition had me reeling head first into a new chapter in my life, working with the Ascended Masters in a totally new way then the way I was brought into all of this initially. I’ve had to deepen my surrender and allowance to the great unknown, as my life completely changed without a plan or knowing of what’s to come next. It has been a painful process, the pain itself only being the resistance I had to what was in store for me. Change of location, change of relationship, change of dimensions — just another S*getting real moment.

My internal, personal work with Kuan Yin intensified during this period as she revealed to me the innerworkings of the feminine pain body. Meaning, I would receive waves and waves of energy that would trigger TF out of what was still taking up space in my energy system. Anger, upset, sorrow, doubt, guilt, shame, grief, resentment — unresolved pains whose time had to come to be felt, accepted and released. In the several years of working with the Masters, consciously, I am accustomed to the receiving of their profound Grace, but this was a whole new level of full body purging and deep-down-to-the-bone-learning.

The Divine Mother took me through each excruciating emotion, we acknowledged the pain together, no story, just the healing love of acceptance. The no story part was difficult for me, because I had some pretty juicy stories! “Yeah but he did this...” and “she said that” and “how could they do this to me!” I felt the agony of betrayal and rage from being deceived.

Then the Divine Mother reminded me, “all is well”, “it is only your attachment to the story that hurts”. I felt some relief from her reminder, but then I asked her “why?” as I was starting to have a hard time accepting the world I was in, and the nauseating pain of feeling alone. She said, “where there is fear, there is pain”. Then she showed me a terribly deep soul wound that spanned across many dimensions and reverberated into the collective feminine pain body.

This was our pain. She showed me the patriarchal wounds that men and women carry, how it impacts our voice, our confidence, our relationship to each other and our own connection to the Divine. How all of this creates wars, corruption and broken people. More importantly, she showed me how to resolve the pain so I could, not just move on with my life, but fly higher then I have ever flown. As each pain was addressed and resolved, I felt completion. The vibration of inner wholeness. The vast expanse of my heart return to its natural yet renewed state of softness and presence. and I thank her for this, as this was not only an experience of liberation from the wheels of struggle and suffering, but a deeper homecoming to myself. I see how this healing process has allowed me to feel the deep enjoyment and Gratitude for the life I live today in a balanced union with my amazing love, Seth.

The work I was doing while I was living in Bali has changed as I have come to grow new roots in America. I am still working with Kuan Yin, but now in my sound healing groups and healing sessions, she comes with an entire community of light beings and I see them all as not singular, but a multi-layered family of consciousness who represent the Christed Diamond rays of Source. These rays are available so we may all feel and receive the Grace of acceptance and the healing of higher truth. The Galactic Council, the High Council of Hathors, the Sisterhood of the Rose, St. Germain and the Christ Consciousness — the beings that I adore and call my soul family, all seem to have one enduring message for all of us, and that is to come to the Stillness that transcends all disharmony. The path being of the One Harmonic of Love, so we may experience the truth of Love and Unity that exists in all moments, for indeed it is a choice. To experience that choice is an empowering and enlightening event as one is experiencing Liberation from the endlessness of the busy mind.


So I write this today with a flood of gratitude overflowing from my heart, for all the healing and transformation I have come to know so far that has grown my life and that has helped countless others in their path. I am in amazement of the Power of Love and what it can do for our world and the health of our peoples and communities. I thank the Divine Mother for being my greatest guide and gift in life, for receiving her grace time and time again, and for showing me the way home whenever I stray. 🙏

The Divine Mother is asking me to share the simple teachings of Love in honor and respect, to acknowledge the pain of each and everyone, to gently heal and raise each other up — the path is Love and the Way is without judgement. Love is the One Harmonic that can inspire the inner wisdoms to come out and free the heart. Check out the Love Rising Academy programs:

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