Stand in Your Power: How to Respond to Jealousy and Hatred


By Jamie Lu

How to respond to jealousy is too see right through it, know it is the immaturity of others — their growing pains that are being expressed, so do not become jealous or hateful yourself.

When jealousy is abusive, walk away from this behavior, empty your own subconscious mind of hateful thoughts, and wish for these people a wake up call. You may want to spend time considering, what you really want to experience in your relationships and friendships. ie, more harmony, more unity, more camaraderie.

How to respond to a world in tension is to see through it’s conflicted nature, not add fuel to the fire with more fire. Fighting is futile. So is anger. Peace of mind is Sacred and the greater force. 

Unlike our movies propagate, The Light doesn’t fight, the Light simply shines, consistent and stable, transforming everything around it. 

This is something that the average person may have a hard time accepting until an experience of their own true power has been realized. 

Until then, there is doubt. Where there is doubt, there is frustration. The only way to eliminate doubt is to realize your power. 

Since the beginnings of my change, I have chosen to follow no one but my inner truth. This has helped me stay on course, allowing me the life saving space as a hyper-sensitive to love others unconditionally, even when I am aware and can feel the negative thoughts of others, when I know they speak badly, when I know there is hatred and miss-understanding.

This is nothing in the face of the infinite love and kindness I feel and that fills me daily in practice. It is not important because of what I know is real, the importance of what I do, and the unbelievable results I am grateful to be living. 

It is not important what anyone says. It is more important that we wake up to the truth of our power as a humanity. 

The truth shines like the sun, that’s why it cannot be hidden. No matter how many clouds or storms come to disguise the sun, the Truth always comes out.

I see each of us as the sun, however many pretend they are just the clouds. 

And these are the Reasons: 

1. The person has not seen the true nature of it's self yet, therefore it is in search of itself, releasing power over to what others think of him/her and what others think in general.

2. The person's power is suppressed; the product of abuse, unhealed trauma, depression of the Soul, or fragmentation of one's mind...which is far too prevalent in today's world. 

But the good news is you can heal this. We are human beings, we can overcome anything. 

Today, consider this: Don't withdraw behind the clouds. Stand out and Shine your light. Be the loving force that drives out hate and shields you from poisonous arrows. 

Infinite love and infinite wisdom is true power, all else is not.

The world needs Healers.
End the suppression and manipulation of sacred human power: 

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