Greetings from Kuan Yin


By Kuan Yin (Guanyin) Buddha of Compassion

This transmission came through in Sebatu, Indonesia in 2015. Kuan Yin addresses Jamie Lu and Anthos Sotnya in these recorded conversations:

Kuan Yin: Greetings. I come in wholeness and fullness, in love, prosperity and goodness, right action. I am the believer where there is doubt, I am love where there is fear, I am strength where there is weakness. I am both queen and master, I am these things for I have traversed my inner worlds and arrived in this place. It is both of my making and where I find myself. It is through the departure of those ways that stood before me that I resolved to be and become what I am today, the embodiment of Compassion.

When I look upon you both I see the immediacy of your willingness to journey into the places that I present to you and that you present to yourselves and each other. I recognise this offering and I honor it also, for it is the making of the two halves. It is the twinning, the combining, the spiralling matrix that makes up this dimension, where you two combine and swirl. This is the place of sanctity and sanctuary. Within your commitment resides the unity of strength. Here, one will always find solace. Here, one will always find answers to questions asked. From here we will find ones true sovereign nature and here within this stillness, resides the willingness of the Spirit to speak its Song.

It is without doubt that we arrive into these places. first we must observe ourselves and embark upon the journey of discovery to reset what is dominant and disruptive and release this back to creation. And then we find ourselves on new ground that is familiar to us, we find the place where we exist within our purpose, within our true nature and it is here, where we will find natural joy and peace and harmony. To resist this journey of transformation is to truly make matters worse, it is to engulf oneself within a negativity that wishes to be liberated. The stifling effects of rejecting ones own liberating experiences is to deny oneself a most fundamental release and opportunity.

When I say to you, come be in yourself, it is to be in authenticity. There is only judgement where there is the victim, there is only a victim when one considers ones experience wrong. Wrong, evil, unwanted, unaccepted, disregarded. When we disregard ourselves we make ourselves wrong and we disown ourselves from the blessing of the Creator. It is all our doing. First we make the experience then we have the energy, then we contain the energy, then we live and move on and grow and evolve and one day this energy will reveal itself. Why then make this aspect of ourselves wrong? This fuels distortion and these fields of distortion are already strong enough. There is no need to add more fuel to this fire. Instead, when we acknowledge how we feel and we share, we release and create a cooling, calming effect within ourselves. Here we find deep solace in the knowing that what we are and what we experience and express is our true, authentic selves, there is no sabotage, there is no distortion, there is no making wrong, there is no suffering.

First we must recognise the experience for what it is, it is a release of pain, of suffering, of victimhood that wishes to be liberated back to Source. It is in a way a cleansing of the body, but we must not look to this as a purification as there is nothing wrong to begin with, except our own judgements. We cannot work magic or alchemy when our core ingredients match each other, we need duality. It is when we offer ourselves a loving acceptance of our pain, our fear, our anger, our hatred, this is to embody a compassionate self. When we harness these qualities we begin to transform in a fundamental way, to disregard this transformation, to judge our energies, our experiences is to perpetuate the very state we wish to escape from. 

The deepening of wrongness will return, stronger, more virulent. This is a form of self sabotage and is needless, it simply generates more suffering and these fires are burning brightly enough. To liberate ourselves is to embrace everything that we are and we experience. 

(The channel goes silent)

Anthos: (breathing heavily for some minutes)

Jamie: Whats happening honey?

Anthos: I've got to clear my mind more. I felt so many disturbances today. I’m just feeling it all honey. I’m still feeling where I’m not flowing.

Jamie: Do you want to ask Kuan Yin about that?

Anthos: Thats a good idea.  (Anthos turns to Jamie’s womb and inquires with Kuan Yin)

Anthos: She is saying that I block my own flow. “To witness ourselves where we are blocked is to already embark on a new flow, a new progression of our self expression.” I’m just getting tired now. I just don't feel like I’ve done enough.

Kuan Yin: You’ve done enough, rest now I will work on you through the night.

Anthos: I just don't feel like I’m…I have a concern.

Jamie: What are your concerns?

Anthos: That I’ve pushed her (Kuan Yin) away, that I’ve been been blocking things. I feel like I’ve been doing the same thing to you (Jamie).

Jamie: If you push us, you push yourself away. Then the force of your pushing pulls on your energy, leaving you tired. Stop forcing. Just receive. You’re doing great.


in Summary

In this transmission, Kuan Yin unwinds self-blame as self-sabotage, and reminds us that making any aspect of ourselves wrong, being hard on ourselves, or finding fault is indeed a great hinderance to the path of awakening to the ultimate truth within. “To liberate ourselves is to embrace everything that we are and we experience.” Love and Light does not fight, it embraces the shadow!


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