The Striking Benefits of Sound Healing


Sound Healing is becoming well known for it's ability to melt stress away, quiet the mind and relax the nervous system. But did you know that Sound Healing is a potent tool for transformation?  Certain Sound Healing practices and tools, such as the Crystal Bowl, have an profound impact on the body and brain. This form of Sound healing creates a bridge for higher wisdom to access the body. It has the ability to dispel doubt, enabling a felt experience of connection, inner confidence and embodiment of one’s spiritual growth. 

When it comes to remaking your life, Sound is the Missing Link.

If you're trying to change a habit or heal something, It's not enough to recite affirmations, change your perspective or understand the change you want to make from an intellectual level.  This is only part of the process.  The vibration must change in the body in order for real, long lasting change to occur.

Sound brings people into unification with their Spirit.  I use visualisation, crystal healing bowls, solfeggio pipes and sacred songs to activate the clients own ability to self heal and free their minds of stress and emotional imbalances. This process awakens profound transformations and are the perfect compliment to any mindful or yogic practice to deepen one’s awareness of their body and intuition. 

Jamie LuComment