Return of the Divine Woman

By Jamie Lu

The Divine Woman. Who is she?

She is the sacred essence of every woman.

Already Divine.

Undefined by other's opinions or beliefs.

She is a creative force unto herself.

A Divine woman puts the Truth first.

She abides by her heart and creates from her joy.

Her value cannot be measured, because she is born worthy,

Just like you — and she lives to remind you of that.

Her leadership is a rarity on this planet, because she doesn't play into competitive forces.  

To her, there is no hierarchy. No better than or worse than. We all belong to the great cycles. We all have a seat in the circle.

She leads from her passion, she creates her life from an enthusiastic sense of purpose.

She will not prove her beauty by seeking out your attention. What is there to prove?  Her beauty goes beyond skin, it cannot be hidden under a mask of “beauty”.  

She knows that her power is hers alone, it cannot be taken, it cannot be given, it cannot be judged nor qualified. 

She will not waste her time by acting on the pressures of others or by distracting herself needlessly, when she is focused on birthing her dreams.

She has come to learn from the meaningful place within her heart, that her value defies scope. A woman’s worth is not enormous, it is infinite.

So she drops the comparisons, the perfectionism, the blame, the self judgement, the procrastination, the needing to have this first in order to get there, the ego's agenda...

she transcends the hectic busyness of the every person and chooses to be herself — from this place she is a relaxed, magnetic Creatrix that watches her success come to her.

Where is the Divine Woman?

She is unseen because she has been bound!
Held captive by fears!
By the overruling consensus that she is
somehow, not enough
or too much.

When will she put her shackles down;
to look the Unequivocal Truth in the eyes
to say, “I WILL stand tall AS you”
I will no longer depreciate myself
I will no longer apologise for myself
I will no longer doubt myself
I will no longer sell myself
I will no longer succumb to the ploys of my lesser mind,
I will no longer hide the beacon of Truth in my heart!

A Divine woman is a woman of wisdom.
Wisdom comes when we complete a cycle of suffering.
A lesson has been learned. A new way is forged.
She’s come to know that the fight is futile.
She looks beyond the struggle of her past, into her magnanimous nature.
Only there she can show the world how a Divine Woman does it.
To the likes that the world has never seen before,
she will LOVE...
and she will love to the fullest expression.

Because a Divine woman is a woman of Soul.
She has the capacity to;
LOVE until the pain of adversity is forgiven.
LOVE until the memory of oppression is healed.
LOVE until the RAGE that the violence against women and children has caused, has been gently lifted into liberation.
Yeah — that anger is valid.
But it’s time women take responsibility for their shared anger and grief, and turn it into a power for a love so great, that her ability to go beyond herself into her own heart of invincible compassion, will end lifetimes of wars with a simple “NO.”

Because she understands deep down, that it is the division that is killing us.

Divine women are natural born healers.
The way she can bring a calm patience to life circumstances without a single complaint,
She is the embodiment of Acceptance.
The way she handles other peoples business by not injecting her own judgements, but instead offers her encouragement,
She is the embodiment of Compassion.
The way she can put down her own needs to unapologetically walk away from a disrespectful and mishandled situation,
She is the embodiment of Respect.
She who forgives, when there is no hope in apology,
is the embodiment of Freedom.

But she didn't just come out that way -- 
She became free when she embraced HONESTY.

Woman, you know the phrase,
“Behind every great man, is a great woman.”
There’s wisdom there.

You may not have received the credit you deserve.
People may not recognise your real strength,
they may not appreciate your giving nature,
the value of your emotional intelligence,
they may even try to change you,
but if you dig deep down enough,
to find what it really means to be TRUE,
you will find every reason to stop playing SMALL
and LOVE the PAIN out of this world.

You inherently know how to do that. You are secretly a master of true love.  The way of the Divine feminine is not to fight with energy or with words. It is to transcend the fight to Love in the face of fear.  Only in love does woman win — by ensuring that everyone wins.

She who is the bearer of Truth, is the Goddess of Victory.

She needs no protection because she is the protector of the Human Spirit.

Women, you are here to effect change for the betterment of this world. You hold the keys. Let us bond together in this way. Not to punish the world for the injustice caused, but to become the justice this world wants us to be. The only injustice is the harm and judgement we inflict on ourselves. Let us transcend the division as if it’s no longer there. Let us be creators in the new. Afterall, old ways will not open new doors and no one can make anything new from the past, but we can make something beautiful for the future.

She who seeks to understand. She who loves to inquire. She whom is here to bridge the gaps of division. She is the liberator of this world because she keeps the vision of man, woman, young and old, together. She knows from her incorruptible heart, what the harmonious truth feels like. She knows the vibration well.  Let us not look to each other or to archetypes of the Goddess to define what a Divine Woman is, let us go deep into our own experience of her. A Divine Woman is a steward in this mission — Because a Divine Woman Knows Herself. 

And Women everywhere can find her — Lets do that.

If ever the world sees a time when women shall come together, purely and simply for the benefit of the good of mankind, it will be a power such as the world has never known.
— Matthew Arnold 1822-1888

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