Jamie Lu has been a student in the healing arts for the last 4 years, and has been engaged with the hidden energetics of our world since she was a child. I have witnessed her ability to move energy in her body, and channel that energy from the field, into a coherent frequency, and with an elevated energy that causes people to respond and to heal. Her ability has led her to leave the conventional world, to give up that life, for her commitment and her passion to heal others. she’s an expert in her field!

Drug Addiction
"Jamie is a master in the art of ancient healing...she can help you overcome any emotional (& physical!) trauma that you may be experiencing, no matter where you are in the world. She's treated & healed many people, ranging from women who've suffered miscarriages to people who are battling AIDS.  She has helped me overcome a very long battle with substance abuse & truely gave me a 2nd chance at life. You deserve the happiest life possible...this is it, you only have one life, make it the best!

I am grateful for all that she's done for me. She is a master, she's a highly sought out healer & energy worker, truely one of the best, as well as one of the most compassionate persons I know. She will work with you, no matter what the problem is you're facing or what your financial situation is...she has nothing but love to give."
- Julie Aldridge, Texas, USA

Bio-Resonance Therapy
"I've long been a skeptic of any kind of energy healing, until now. Whilst I have received treatments from others, what stands out for me with Jamie is the length and breadth of her knowledge, intuition and connection to her skills. It's amazing. I am in safe hands and to this day her gifts resonate in me as a warmth, a connection to my heart, the greatest gift of all."
Anthos Sotnya, Australia

Ovarian Cyst
"In the day after the treatment I was very thirsty, I had also a dream that made me cry a lot, even when I got up. I was also thinking about Jamie's kindness and it was very comforting. Yesterday, I had my appointment with my doctor and No cyst anymore :)"
- Lindsay, Singapore

Herniated Disc & Low Energy
“I have received healing treatments from Jamie on a regular basis now over the course of about one year. She helped me tremendously in my transformation from pain and anger to compassion and kindness -- from a rigid ego to a free spirit.  After a burn-out and a severely herniated spinal disc, I am now feeling healthy and thriving again. In practically every session, the energy I felt made my legs spasm uncontrollably, showing that my nervous system was releasing a lot of stored tension.  During my healing process, I also learned that the more I was able to trust and let go of my judgement and expectations, the more her flush of pure love energy was healing me! Sessions with Jamie are very pleasant and always make me feel soft, calm and light” 
- Niklaus Frey, Zurich, Switzerland

The World Needs More of This
"I have had three sessions with Jamie Lu, and plan to have her work be a part of my life for some time to come. This combination of energy work with angelic sound healing sends my soul home. Rejuvenates my being and allows my body to fall into a deep rest. Words cannot describe the complete peace and harmony I experience when Jamie Lu starts the session and I drift off into another dimension where Jamie guides my soul out of mazes that trapped my spirit, guides me back to the light realm that she resides in, and raises my frequency to it's highest potential.  I think every soul deserves the right to have this experience. Especially for someone who walks and works amongst the inner densities of the world and humanity, these energy sound healing sessions wash away what is not yours and bring you back to the heart of who you are. Rejuvenated and ready to shine on. I would say this is next level energy work for anyone who is activated and feels the call to fully have an energetic cleanse and elevate.  However this form of healing is for everyone, the world needs more of this music and energetic intention. I am recommending all of my friends and family to have a session with Jamie Lu."  
- Nick Wallaki, Ubud Bali

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
"Jamie is truly the most humble, incredible healer I have seen. I have had what the doctors would label CFS for over 10 years and have seen countless practitioners. Jamie is able to see so clearly how the physical, emotional and physic bodies are interrelated and work on the specific area that needs to shift. Her treatment had me in a deep theta state, which is hard for me to slip into due to my physical pain. But I knew I was safe and held in the beautiful space she creates. She uses sound healing and her incredible voice to go even deeper. I set an intention at the start that has been abundantly  fulfilled. Just one of the examples, I was having really bad sugar cravings and self sabotage patterns coming up continuously, as well as anger that was being stored in my liver causing a lot of pain. After Jamie's session I had this new found peace and wholeness inside of myself and it was obvious and easy to begin a juice fast and I am now on day 8 and feeling full of power and clear. I'm also able to connect to my inner truth and guidance, which has allowed many layers of denial to be removed, by trusting and surrendering. Be prepared for miracles to happen when you see Jamie. She has truly changed my life and I'll be forever grateful. Thank you Jamie."
- Saskia Herbert, Ubud, Bali

One of the Most Amazing Experiences
"Jamie has the most beautiful energy. I have never felt so relaxed during a treatment and when It finished I felt lifted, calm and full of light. Even weeks after the session when I returned back to England I felt full of love and gratitude and aligned back to my highest self. Having a session with Jamie was one of the best experiences of my life and one of the best things I've done for myself. Thank you Jamie for gifting me with an experience so beautiful and uplifting. I've had a lot of energy healing and my session with Jamie was the most amazing I've ever experienced. One of the most amazing experiences. The world needs more people like her. Full of pure divine love and light."
- Cate London

The Most Real Experience of My Life
"Thank you so much for our session on Friday. I have talked to many people about how beautiful , harmonious and deeply cleansing it was. That amazing openness through my pelvis and womb has left me feeling lighter and freer, the first time for a long time. The relaxation that your beautiful voice and sounds induced was so deep, full of suka. I barely felt as if I could pull my body back to move afterwards. I felt so 'even' and balanced, everything fitting where it should. Once again, I feel the organic movement that has brought you over to my path and it was so clearly the next step in my journey. It has given me many chances to have deep conversations with people. The possibilities that a healing like Fridays offers are enticing and joyful and alluring. What I gained from this experience, I will carry in my skin and heart and body when I sit and practice Zazen, a deepening of the Tao. I am not very articulate in terms of testimonials. I just feel so gushy about the whole experience that I don't want it to sound incoherent because it was anything but. It was the most real experience of my life....a holistic body and soul experience with deep clarity and awareness. Warmest heartfelt blessings."
- Mary Pentecost, Australia

Igniting Higher States of Awareness
“Where do I even begin explaining the beauty of Jamie? She is a beautiful and amazing soul who holds you in a way that no healer has before. She opens you to new possibilities and shows you things you had NO idea were there. I have learned and continue to learn so much from her as she offers her insight and healing from herself and beyond. I am grateful our paths have crossed! I highly recommend her to anyone who I think would benefit from her ever reaching heart and healing power.”
- Kristy Newstrom, San Francisco, California, USA

Love's Gift
Jamie Lu, your healing work is very powerful, and yet, gentle as you opened to love's gift and I could feel it moving through my body bringing love to places that have never known love. I laughed, undulated, vibrated, and jiggled with pure joy during our sessions. I love your humility as a humble empty vessel and a true servant of God's grace. Thank you for the gift you bring”
- Ken Peace Carroll, Ubud Bali

Astral Travel & Re-Connection
"Wow! I just had another amazing session with Jamie Lu that is truly difficult to put into words. It was profound presence and trust moving effortlessly through my cellular body and charging my energy fields. I undulated, went through visible oceanic waves of adjustment, and felt a holy buzz throughout my being. Then she blessed me with her beautiful angelic voice as she toned. At one point there were clearly 2 voices as the room filled with holy presence showering me with palpable love. What I really love about Jamie is her child like playful innocence that allows love to do the healing. Thank you, dear heart, for letting love flow without limitation. I feel so full and satisfied <3"
- Ken Peace Carroll, Ubud Bali

Pathways to Liberation
“Jamie is a powerful healer with so much light and love to give. She has blessed me and uplifted my soul. After a session with Jamie, I feel lighter, tension is gone and I was able to express myself more clearly. The pure energy she gives to you clears any blocks. I felt the stuck energy shoot out my feet.  She turned my heart to gold…she is a Gem!! Thank you beautiful Jamie for your love & light". 
- Julie Johnston, Victoria Canada

"I love Jamie! The healing sessions with her have been extremely powerful and transformative for me. The combination of energetic work, touch, sound healing, voice, and her spiritual wisdom, emotional intelligence, kind caring loving presence is awesome.  she really managed to guide me through a deep process cleansing which strongly made me feel like I'm releasing loads of blockages and emotional baggage. After every session I come out feeling so good, light happy awakened, like my vibrations are in high clean frequencies and with a big smile on my face that stays with me for long time after. Thank you Jamie!"
- Amit, Ubud Bali

"Jamie Lu, you are a stunner!!!!! Helping me hold a mirror up to myself in such a beautiful way, with your thoughtful, gentle words and sincere insight.... Thank you so much for a fantastic session! You are truly gifted and it was excellent for me to use you to my best advantage! Hahaha!!! thank you!! "
- Lisa, Australia

Gaining Clarity & Aligning to True Self
"Dearest Jamie, This is long overdue but finally I am here writing the testimonial of the beautiful experience I had in Jan 2015 in Ubud. Thank you so much for creating such a peaceful, beautiful and open atmosphere. It was my first time I took part in an energy healing and I decided not to read anything before the session. I purely loved it! I particularly liked the fact that there were not too many instructions before the session started, I felt it created and left space for the actual experience instead of lot of explanation to rationalize things. It was pure unconditional love in the room!  During the session I fell into very deep and meditative space with my entire body and felt such waves of love and release. Something painful also got released from my body and mind, tears, tears, tears. Very healing and I did not feel any need to start to explain what anything was, it felt so safe and good.  Your hands and energy was so beautiful when you moved close by and on my body, so safe.  After the session I felt such clarity, rootedness and so connected with myself and SO present. Pure beauty and was so very open!  Thank you so such for this healing experience, I shall come back when I am back in Ubud.  Love from Helsinki."
- Johanna Rajamaki, Helsinki

Cellular Rejuvenation & Instant Manifestation 
"Dearest Jamie ~I want to thank you for your beautiful and blessed healing session with me on Tuesday, so many things have unfolded before me, that were blocked, I am left in a state of relief, peace and gratitude. During our session, I felt very relaxed and felt the energies flow through me on a cellular level. It was as though my cells were burning off residual patterns and energy that no longer served me, as if I received a cell turn over and rejuvenation. My entire inner experience felt like a heat of energy burning throughout all of my cells leaving me vibrating to process all that was burning off...The following day [I experienced] a major break through! I want to extend my deepest gratitude for all that you do. And to also acknowledge your beautiful voice and tones of Angelic light codes, what a Divine healing session indeed. With all my love and gratitude."
~ Julz, Ubud, Bali

True Purpose Revealed
"Hello Jamie,  I was/am massively inspired by you and the way you share your energy. From this my true purpose is now clearer than ever. Immediately after our session I returned to my villa to continue the journey with some meditation. I opened myself fully to the possibility of [traveling to] Peru as this was clearly the next step for me to enliven my shamanic ability. Only hours afterwards I received an email with special invitation from a Shaman I sit with in Australia inviting me to Peru in October this year. I've adjusted and extended my trip and I'm very excited about this opportunity. [Since the session] other synchronicities have continued to unfold throughout my stay....The energy and reiki I share with others seems much more powerful than ever before. Intention and purpose flowing and radiating strongly. Everything is lining up, not a grain of sand out of place. I continue to surrender, let go and just focus on putting one foot in front of the other one day at a time. Much love, deep gratitude, big hugs and blessings!"
- Kate, Australia

Reconnection and physical shifts
"Wow. How to describe an angel's touch? Realigned with your expanded being. Your inner divinity. This is sacred work indeed. Reconnection, spaciousness, cellular clearing, physical shifts... My channels opened and filled with spirit. Two days later, I am still at a loss for words... :)

[3 weeks later] What I love about these beautiful sessions is this: Your body-mind-soul is reminded of its original state of openness, relaxation, power. As your whole system receives this reminder, it returns more easily to this place in the following weeks. You begin to recognize this openness as normal and allow it more often into your life. You feel the difference when tensions and constriction reappear ~ from those limiting beliefs you have carried for so long. As you now see and hold your insecurities in love they naturally release…and you feel again such deep peace. It becomes the familiar feeling of having your eyes and heart fully opened, “Aaaah, I am again home.”
- Amber Dawn, Ubud, Bali

The Healing Force of Love
“As an international speaker on matters of the Heart, Self-Discovery, Energy, and Love, I’ve seen and experienced many different modalities of healing, holding space, and transformational work.  I can say with a big smile of gratitude on my face that Jamie’s unique blend of sound therapy, channeled energy, and powerful presence is one of the most profound experiences I’ve had - and days later I’m still feeling the buzz from it all!  From vibrant visuals, tangible feeling of energy, and a deep sense of connecting threads internally I am throughly pleased and filled with clarity, power, and inspiration from Jamie’s work.  I highly recommend her services to everyone… even my own clients!”
- Rodolfo Young, www.rodolfoyoung.com

Treating Nervous Habits
"Dear Jamie, I had two session with you two weeks ago. I had the broken elbow and I told you about the bad habit I am doing to my Thumbs / Fingers when I am stressed or emotional. My intention was to let that go!  So after the session the first days it got worse with my fingers and I was really emotional with no reason. But after that I stopped thinking of it and I felt inner contentment and peace and was relaxed. Now 2 weeks later I realized that my Fingers are looking as good as on our wedding day which was the only time since I was a little kid where they actually looked good and I did not put any effort in it which is amazing! For the wedding I was actually tapping my Thumbs with Bandaid to have them nice in those days. I hope I could explain how amazing this really is for me. So thank you Jamie for all the Love you put "in" me! I still feel it and I have a big smile when I think about you. Big hug."
- Ira, Germany

Energy Boost
"I booked a healing session with Jamie Lu during the Bali Spirit Festival 2015, I choose her intuitively, what is always the best :) and connected immediately with her. Jamie has a beautiful - heart opening energy, a purity, clearance and light. I felt warmly hugged and loved during the whole session. She is able to "see" deeper than with human eyes from a higher wisdom. I felt a high positive energetical boost for days after the session. I am very happy I choose the experience with her, she reminded me also again of my own heart - knowledge and helped me a lot to trust in my way."
- Wanda Badwal, Berlin, Germany

The Voice of Purpose
“Jamie's hand does the body, mind and spirit good! She takes you to a place deep within yourself where you can experience the part of you that is quiet and knows all things. Visit her if you're needing guidance with deepening your relationship to self, the world around you and the world you stand upon- as it's truly true, that changing the world starts with changing the self!”
- Jada Delaney, CMT, San Francisco, California, USA