The Lemurian Sisterhood Ceremonies

The Lemurian Sisterhood Ceremonies

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September 14 - 16
Vegan Meals and Accomodation provided
Rejuvenation and Relaxation
5D Healing Temple Ceremony
Transformational Coaching
Sound Healing Workshop: Clearing blocks from all 7 primary Chakras
Sacred Site Activation: The Lemurian Sisterhood re-Initiation Ceremony
This program is a Life changing event for all participants.
Facilitators: Jamie Lu and Bryan Tilghman

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Sound Healer and Wholeness Coach, Jamie Lu, invites you to her sacred retreat space in Mt. Shasta, a high vibrational power point on the Earth known to bring about significant healings and transformations.

For women awakening to their All...this is more then an event but a powerful healing immersion with a DNA activation ceremony that will undoubtedly upgrade, optimize and clear the way for more of the greatness within you. This opportunity is taking place on the weekend of September 14 in the high vibrational vortex of Mount Shasta, California! 

We will conduct purification ceremony on the mountain and meet with Lemurian wisdom keepers to receive in deep healing, clearing of blocks, alignments to our inner Divinity and open to our higher self.  When we activate our ability to operate from our Higher Selves, Life changes and Divine Flow takes over. We are coming together in the power of sisterhood to manifest a much more desirable reality for ourselves and our world.  The Lemurian Sisterhood Re-Intiation presents an opportunity to become powerful messengers to bridge Heaven on Earth. Come and feel the Love and magic that will unfold!

"I’ve been to some retreats at Goddess School, and they’ve been ABSOLUTELY LIFE ALTERING & just so alivening, with NON-STOP MIRACLES occurring ever since my first one in October 2017!"  -  Avani Shah, San Francisco, CA

Carpooling from the bay area can be arranged.

Check-in: Friday Sept 14, 2pm - 4pm at the Retreat Center, TBA
Check-out: Sunday Sept 16, 2pm

Included:  Vegan Meals and Comfortable Accomodation, Powerful guided meditations, 5D Healing Temple Ceremony, Transformational talks, Sound Healing and The Lemurian Sisterhood Re-Intiation Ceremony with our Lemurian guide, Bryan Tilghman, Author of "Telos, Welcoming New Earth".  This program is a Life changing event for all participants.

Lemurian Sisterhood Re-Initiation Ceremony

Our Lemurian family in Telos City of Light are calling us home.  Not everyone has ties back to Lemuria but a great many of us do.  We’re often referred to as “old souls” and we are.  We answered the clarion call of Heaven to return to earth at this time and assist the planetary ascension process.

Your Lemurian family is awaiting your remembrance and reconnection.  They love us as family, for indeed we are.  We’re being guided to reconnect with our soul families both here on the surface and across the veil.

This is the time we’ve been preparing for.  In this lifetime, we strive to bring forth all the knowledge, wisdom, gifts and abilities that we’ve earned through our own participation in times past.  These skillsets and knowledge are coming back for our own highest good and the highest good of others. 

If you’ve been guided to this message, it’s likely that you’ve had previous experience with and passed certain levels of initiation within the spiritual clans of Lemuria.  The Lemurian Sisterhood of Telos is working diligently to bring their sisters back into their remembrance and thus the fold of our mutual cooperation and effort towards the fulfillment of the divine plan and the realization of our ascended New Earth.

Telos offers us a beautiful and uplifting ceremony that’s simply labeled as the “Lemurian Sisterhood Re-initiation Ceremony.”  The ceremony is intended to assist us in coming into the fullness of us, the fullness of our divinity and the fullness of our connection and remembrance of who we are and where we come from.  We’re assisted in awakening our Lemurian key codes along with DNA activations and chakra energy center attunements.  These attunements are intended to open the way for us at all levels of experience ranging from our divine service work to our personal joy and highest expressions.  

If you resonate with this information, it’s for good reason.  We invite you to join us on the mountain for an afternoon of ascended master teachings from High Priest Adama and experience the beautiful re-union of family that awaits you in Telos.  

Many blessings,
Bryan Tilghman
Author “Telos, Welcoming New Earth”

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Deposits will reserve your spot for the Lemurian Sisterhood Weekend Retreat. Deposits are refundable in the event of cancellation (see cancellation policy below). When your reservation is completed, a retreat host will call you to arrange the trip details and answer your questions. The balance is due on September 7th 2018.

$1200 USD per person
$400 USD for ages 10 - 18

Cancellations: cancellations are honored if submitted by August 31st and your deposit will be refunded minus the 3% processing fee.