Mount Shasta Private Retreats

Mount Shasta Private Retreats


VIP Private Healing retreats
Private retreats for conscious parents & children,
couples, and individuals.
Ongoing through Summer and Fall of 2018.
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Internationally renowned healer and health coach, Jamie Lu invites you to her sacred retreat space in Mt. Shasta, a high vibrational power point on the Earth known to bring about significant healings and transformations.

Jamie works with empaths, psychically sensitive and creative children with their parents to bridge gaps and bring awareness to these children’s special needs & gifts. We explore the many conditions that conscious families are experiencing now, including concerns with health, wealth, spirituality, and relationships.

With exceptional knowledge base, skill and gifts in healing, Jamie unlocks the body for radical self healing and assist in empowering individuals to be all that they came here in life to be. 

These private one on one retreats are designed to help your family unit dissolve blocks to it's true nature and come into a complete knowing of wholeness, of love, of vibrant health and joy together.

An Example Day

Check in and get cozy at your private Mount Shasta BnB, grab a drink and prepare for a life changing day.

Healing Intensive: Individual sessions with Jamie that clears old energy, negative habit patterns, and blocks that feed into anxiety. Empaths and Sensitive children need special care. Together we build a loving and empowering bond between child and parent through new education and tools. 

Other Activities include: Horse meditation/Animal Telepathy, joint ceremony at the 5D Healing Temple,  Mother Daughter conscious communication activity, Crystal Bowl Vocal empowerment lesson

A Daily Adventure: There are many options to choose from; a visit to a Sacred Site in Mount Shasta known to bring about miraculous transformations, healings and manifestations. A water purification ceremony in a sacred lake used for clearing, or dance to the beat of a live drum circle, raising our frequencies to call in our highest vision and creation together.

Relax: Integrate, journal, play or rest...break time is important when you're evolving so quickly! 

Rejuvenation and Purification: We will have access to ancient healing mineral waters at Stewart Mineral Springs Spa for your down time enjoyment.

♫... A special Sound Healing Ceremony with Jamie Lu, Crystal Bowls, Channeled Healing Songs and Solfeggio Hz Frequency to heal the brain and soothe the nervous system. Many have experienced spontaneous healings, shifts in consciousness, and spiritual guidance through these ceremonies...♫

"I’ve been to some retreats and they’ve been ABSOLUTELY LIFE ALTERING & just so alivening, with NON-STOP MIRACLES occurring ever since my first one in October 2017!"  -  Avani Shah, San Francisco, CA


"Most issues in adult hood stem from experiences in childhood. We are presenting a new template for the conscious raising of empowered children, starting with assisting parents and parents to be." - Jamie Lu

Facilitator, Jamie Lu: Vibrational Healer and Wholeness Coach, Jamie Lu is world renowned for activating one's inherent ability to self heal and come into one's empowered voice and purpose, by way of Divine connection, energy healing and sound healing methods.

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Cancellations: cancellations are honored if submitted by at least 15 days before our agreed start date and your deposit will be refunded minus the 3% processing fee.