Womb Healing and Vocal Activation

Womb Healing and Vocal Activation

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The womb is the gateway to knowing your Divinity and coming into a full vocal expression. Jamie will guide the client into liberating stored wounds and fears around expressing her authentic self.  

The session induces a trance like state for the patient, so healing of the underlying cause of the block can occur across the mental-emotional-physical-spiritual levels. The healing frequencies entrain the brain to "theta state", often referred to as the miracle state, where instantaneous and rapid shifts can occur.  These sessions are for those who are ready to step into the fullest, highest versions of themselves and are committed to the work. 

Light Language is the language of the soul -- an expression of light and sacred geometry that assists in activating your Divine Blueprint and encourages clear insights and expansion of consciousness.  Jamie Lu channels these healing tones, sounds and light language in accordance with Divine Source -- the higher power consciousness that knows how to heal you. This accelerated healing process can cause spiritual awakenings and beneficial shifts in one's life path. This process works energetically to raise the vibration of the being, clear limiting belief systems that are running the subconscious mind, and return the being to a state of natural wholeness and joy.

  • Energy Reading
  • Clearing blocks to wholeness
  • Raise the vibration to true alignment
  • Upgrades and Activations of latent gifts

2 hr Therapy with Jamie Lu

At the moment, sessions are being done in person at the Globe Sound Healing Center in San Francisco in a specialised sound healing facility with crystal healing bed technology.  Jamie will be moving her office to Mount Shasta, California. If you want to see Jamie in San Francisco, now is the time to book.

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