Goodess School Mentor Program

Goodess School Mentor Program

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Lady Quan Yin: “It is my responsibility, To bring the creative forces of the Universe, which happen to be feminine forces, back to the Universe, instill them in their neutral point, imbue them with the light of God and remind all souls, male and female, about our need to return to the creative forces. Until and unless we learn to support, respect and revere the feminine forces, we cannot make headway.”

This program will accelerate individuals in their Spiritual Growth and Feminine Leadership.

Enrol in Jamie’s personal mentorship program for a 2 month training and initiation into your Divine Feminine, a fully tapped in and lit up woman who is manifesting her dreams from their heart, present to the endless love and possibilities of our abundant Universe, be it in relationship, life purpose or life style. This is for people whom wish to come into divine balance and live their life fully expressed with their Divine creation power turned on. You will be given personal, sacred transmissions from Mother/Father God and, Goddess ISIS, Kuan Yin, Athena, Lady Faith, Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Sisterhood of the Rose, and The Diamond Christ Consciousness assisting individuals through their Ascension.

We will work intimately with the Divine Love Frequency. This frequency serves to awaken the individual to the radiance of their heart, their Soul Song/Signature, Divine Purpose and next evolutionary step -- Mergings with the Divine Higher Consciousness can occur, providing vision and greater clarity and deep healing for the individual. Many people experience tremendous shifts and healings throughout this program. Goddess School Mentorhship requires us to meet on zoom and do check-in calls throughout the program.

This mentorship has the potential for
: Unblocking greater creative potentials, Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change, Activating full expression and empowerment, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair), Connecting/Relationships, Expression/Manifesting, and Returning to Spiritual Order.


“I saw dimensions of myself I didn’t know were there”

“My understanding of myself has expanded 10 fold, with more love and kindness. I see clearly where my ego prevents me from flying freely, able to identify without a shadow of a doubt my knowing from my thinking! Brilliant! I know I’ve got my sparkle back. Jamie’s coaching is life changing!”

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