Conscious Creators - Your Divine Potentials

Conscious Creators - Your Divine Potentials


This program will accelerate individuals in their Spiritual Growth and Leadership Skills.

Enrol in Jamie’s personal mentorship program for a 3 month training and initiation into your own Divine Creator, a fully tapped in and lit up individual whom is manifesting their dreams from their heart, present to the endless love and possibilities of our abundant Universe, be it in relationship, life purpose or life style. This is for people whom wish to come into divine balance and live their life fully expressed with their Divine creation power turned on. You will be given personal, sacred transmissions from Mother/Father God and The Diamond Christ Consciousness assisting individuals through their Ascension.

We will work intimately with the Diamond Rainbow Frequency. This frequency serves to awaken the individual to the radiance of their heart, their Soul Song/Signature, Divine Purpose and next evolutionary step -- Mergings with the Divine Higher Consciousness can occur, providing vision and greater clarity and deep healing for the individual. Many people experience tremendous shifts and healings throughout this program.

This mentorship has the potential for
: Unblocking greater creative potentials, Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change, Activating full expression and empowerment, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair), Connecting/Relationships, Expression/Manifesting, and Returning to Spiritual Order.

From Jamie: Conscious Creators is about connecting you to Source so your creation and leadership is clear, aligned and infallible. The mentorship will assist you on your unique ascension path, moving about challenges with ease and grace. You will be guided into meeting and melting with your Higher Self, and come into balanced union with the God and Goddess within. Usually 6 months is needed to open to new Spiritual gifts and confidently walk tall as a new person, here to light the world. However, each initiate is different and I respect everyone's individual pace and how they grow and evolve with the Divine energies, hence why we work together for 3 months at a time.

The energy exchange is $1222 USD for 3 months. If you need more practice and time, we can arrange for another 3 months to go deeper into Mastery together. This program requires us to meet on zoom and do weekly check-in calls.

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