Sound Healing Ceremonies


Sound Healing Ceremonies

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Jamie’s signature healing is a finely tuned method of transmission that utilises energetic and sound healing techniques that can return the mind–body–spirit as a whole to a state of health & wellness.

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Sound Healing Ceremony:

As a channel, Jamie transmits the Pure Love of the Creator, by which the client's frequency is raised to it’s maximum level, promoting shifts in conscious awareness, spontaneous healing and an experience that many find deeply meaningful and nourishing.  The sounds and Light Language you hear during the session are healing frequencies, pure expressions of the Divine Energy.  Sound healing used in a highly intentional way makes it very easy and effective to release and transmute negative energies from the chakras and energy channels within the body.

This energy is a Super Conscious Intelligence that works simultaneously on all levels, from which a holistic healing process of mind–emotion–spirit–body unfolds, reminding the human being how to naturally bring itself into wholeness with existence. Through this gentle and focused process, the client is guided into a cleansing and balancing of the parasympathetic nervous system and the energetic field across all dimensions of healing, resulting in instant relief from stress, stuck energies, and stubborn blocks. 

The energies in this session work with the client's intention. One session or a few sessions can lead to immediate shifts in reality, however, a course of therapies brings deeper results, learnings and long-term ease.  Continued therapy is recommended for the healing of addictions, psychological distress, trauma, dis-ease and chronic conditions.

Individual Sessions Available on Skype or in Person in Bay, Area California.