Mount Shasta, California

Mount Shasta is a energetic access point on the planet to “All That Is” and connection with your higher self. It is a place where you are bathed in knowingness and powerfully nurtured by divine support. The “I AM” presence.  It delivers the realization and frequency of oneness and your connection to everything. - by


The Spiritual energy

of  Mt. Shasta

Many know Mt. Shasta as the root chakra. It is a very grounded place being atop the volcano. One of the reasons for this labeling could be the 8th chakra energy that streams through here.  The 8th chakra is where the root and crown chakra meet, the place of heaven and Earth.

It is often associated with the “The Violet Flame” or Saint Germain, the purifying violet energy which transmutes denser energies and reignites the flame of your divine purpose. The symbol and energy are also represented in Shasta’s energy of being the meeting place of the high council, the place where humans step into their roles as ascended masters and physicalize Christ Consciousness on Earth.  It is a dimensional gate to the Lemurian civilization, and gateway to the 5th Dimensional way of living in harmony from the heart.

June 13 - 19 2018

The Divine Union Retreat

A Transformative Tantric Immersion in the Heart of Mt. Shasta.
Facilitators: Jamie Lu, Lisa Eckrich, JoyAnn Tucker, Bryan Tilghman, Fabianne Fooji
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Weekend Retreat: Sacred Relationship June 2018
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June 15 - 17 2018

Tantra & Sacred Relationship

Transformational Talks
Lemurian/Telos Journey to the Portal
Medicine Lake Water Purification
Meditation at the Newly discovered Crystal Beds
Sound Healing Ceremony
Lodging and meals included
Facilitators: Jamie, Lisa, Bryan & Fabianne

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Weekend Retreat: Spirit Camp July 2018
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July 13 - 15 2018

Spirit Camp

Camping on Mt. Shasta
Transformational Talks & Wisdom
Drum Circle and Fire
Healing with Horses
Ascended Master Teachings
Lemurian/Telos Journey to the Portal
Bring your own camping gear and meals
Facilitators: Jamie, Lisa, JoyAnn, Seth & Bryan

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Goddess School: Feminine Leadership Retreat August 2018
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August 3 - 5 2018

Feminine Leadership Retreat

Serving Women and Daughters
 Divine Feminine Leadership
Transformational Talks & Wisdom
Sound Healing Ceremony
Lodging and meals included
Facilitators: Jamie & Lisa

From $355 - Register Now