Now, more then ever, self transformation is at the forefront of human consciousness. 

People everywhere are waking up to big questions about the true reality of their health, their relationships and their life’s purpose to ask, What is really possible?  Why am I sick?  Why are things not improving?  Why do I not feel satisfied? 
Perhaps you can relate...

With a world growing sicker, we are looking to evolutionary ways of improving the quality of our lives especially when current solutions don't seem to be enough. 

A vital key is in understanding our relationship to energy.  When we understand how energy impacts us, we begin to function optimally, we can become masters of our lives, and we can even heal ourselves and each other.

A better tomorrow is possible.

The Love Rising Foundation is a private, not-for-profit, non-government foundation co-founded by myself with support from a dedicated team of experts to promote global transformation through self-transformation. The Foundation provides life changing tools and healing treatments that connect us to the heart of who we truly are, to inspire joyful, purposeful, healthier and more connected living. 

We believe that within every human being is a gift. When awoken, the gift reveals the potential for one’s greatness to be actualized, giving way to a sense of purpose, beauty, freedom, harmony and nourishment in ones inter-connected life with Mother Earth. We work to activate people’s hidden potentials locked within the mind, body and spirit through our holistic offerings.

I ask for you to consider contributing to The Love Rising Foundation. Your contribution will not only help actualize our vision, but it will help me document, preserve and carry my teachings and unique healing work into the future; in order to spread the sacred energy healing arts to the world, in service of the health, longevity and well-being of humankind.

Thank you,
Jamie Lu