Curriculum Overview


    March 2-4


    Weekend 1: Heart of the mother - Woman illuminate

    We begin the journey together with our commitment to change and receive the foundational guidance of the program.   Learn how to activate your sacred feminine power and instil healthy boundaries in relationships -- the key to maintaining your place of light within yourself.


    June 1 - 3

    Womb Wisdom

    Weekend 4: Womb Wisdom

    This masterclass dives into our connection to Mother Earth and the inner and outer cycles. We will learn the ancient secrets and true nature of menstruation cycle and the role it plays in our business, relationships and creativity.  


    April 13-15


    Weekend 2: from self conscious to self Confident

    This masterclass will dive deep into our relationship with our body, beauty, self truth, and being seen in that truth. You will learn about womb space and how to walk tall and secure in this world no matter what your environment is doing or telling you.


    July 6-8

    Self Mastery

    Weekend 5: Self Mastery

    This is where many get caught in cycles of suffering -- old patterns that seem to never go away. Relinquish the cause of suffering and self sabotage. Take home master practices that will help keep you in high vibrational alignment with your creativity and purpose. 


    May 4 - 6


    Weekend 3: finding your power, from womb to voice

    Secrets to finding your authentic voice and most powerful expression. Heal your fears around recieving love, being heard and understood in the world. Come into the magnetic presence of the Goddess that can shift the energy in a room. 


    August 3-5 

    The Heart's Desire

    Weekend 6:  Feminine Leadership from The Heart

    Orient yourself to your own Divinity. Unleash your full feminine creation potential and start living in the state of ease and flow. Learn how to listen to your intuitive guidance, and confidently take action without sacrificing something of yourself.