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Health & Wholeness

The energy of wholeness embraces all parts of ourselves:  mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. This state of being supports one's ultimate health. If you are operating on a whole system vs a fragmented one, you are physically well and at ease, for all parts of you are in balance and working in harmony.  Meditation, energy & sound healing provide refreshing new pathways towards wholeness.

Global Healing

The energy of wholeness also supports Global Healing. To be whole as a species and a planet means to own the disowned parts of ourselves and our society. We are all part of the human family—including those who are seen as deviant or bad. The light shines for us all, and it is our responsibility to work toward a world where everyone is loved, accepted, and supported to be happy and free, no matter what.

Inviting Miracles

"The Future Medicine will be based on controlling energy in the body" - Professor William Tiller, Stanford University.

The steps on the path of wholeness include pursuing personal healing, remembering our Divine Nature, and practicing compassion, awareness, self love and humility.


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Love is the undisturbed balance that binds this Universe together.
— Mahavatar Babaji