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Rise Up Priestess 2018 Spirituality Conference

  • Rudramandir - Center for Spirituality & Healing 830 Bancroft Way Berkeley, CA, 94710 United States (map)



What we'll do

A Temple of Women Rising Up Together

We are all opening to new ideas and inspiration - our deep feminine knowing guiding us to link arms with soul sisters who can collaborate, "lead with Light" and take a stand for sovereignty, compassion, peace and ancient knowledge.

Co-create with us a sacred womb-like space for the feminine to luxuriate and to expand.
onnect with other wonderful warm-hearted women.

2 Days of Feminine Wisdom & Deep Self Care

As spiritual women we are born to create the waves of change that are so needed right now ... and you deserve full support to do this work you so love.

So, we have co-created a fantastic urban retreat to Nourish you, YOU are invited to join us for this very special FEM Talks event:

A Nourishing Weekend of Positive Sisterhood and...
Ceremony, Ritual, Feminine Networking, Wisdom Sharing, Tribe, Dance, Laughter, Breath, Song and Love.

Nourish your feminine soul to serve even more deeply AND live abundantly, especially during these challenging political and societal times.

Location - The Temple - A Convenient (and Beautiful) Berkeley Location

As soon as you arrive, ancient statues of deities and colorful murals and sacred decor capture your gaze - you will know this will be no ordinary weekend. Connect with your “soul sistas” and steep yourself in an environment of support and positivity … Elevate your vision & get tools to live your grand calling.

This is a place of positivity, healing and rejuvenation. A sacred womb-like place for the feminine to luxuriate and to expand together.

Claim Your Powerful Seat and Join Us!

Even if you can only attend ONE day - this will be such a deeply rewarding gathering for you to immerse and luxuriate in!

PLUS+ together we'll all address important questions facing women change makers — Please lend your voice to these potent conversations.


Workshops & Ceremonies All Weekend Long ...


10:30 Opening Circle Call in your Guides. Fully align with your deepest intentions for your weekend. Step meaningfully into this transformative journey together. Embody your sacred Vision and Mission, to be fully expressed and nourished during the weekend and moving forward … powerful and supported.

Workshops & Ceremonies all day until 4:30 (Full lineup available February 2018)

5:00 The "Priestess Ball" & Ritual Dance - Receive deep downloads through your dance with Heather Munro Pierce - We will gather together in a dance ritual circle. Integrate your journey. Freshly align with your deepest intentions for moving forward. Fully align with your Vision and your Mission.


10:30 “Go Ask Alice” Wonderland Oracle Tea Party & Networking - with oracle cards. Meet new friends and collaboration sisters with Amanda Elo'esh. Wear your favorite fabulous head dress, tiara or whimsical hat. Prepare to connect and network with soul sisters through fun, spirit and play!

Workshops & Ceremonies all day until 4:30 (Full lineup available February 2018)

5:00 Closing Prayer & Vision Circle- In our Closing Circle we will gather together for a “Sacred Hands” meditation and Collective Transmission for Peace and Universal Love - Integrate your journey. Freshly align with your deepest intentions for moving forward ... Leave the weekend deeply centered.

Weekend Connection Also Includes:

* Yin and Empathy Chill Space - by Wisdom of The Body, Jill Nagle welcomes you to her chill space with a comfortable couch, futon, lots of pillows, relaxing Quan Yin fountain, soft lighting, tea, and an optional counselor or two to hold space for you to decompress and Integrate.

* Spiritually-Oriented Shopping! - Transformational Art, Healing Elixers, Oils and Jewelry will be available from local women artisans.


"Each of the facilitators brought a different and compelling piece to the weekend, deepening and broadening the overall experience. The synergy of the facilitators on the second day was particularly beautiful … the safe, sacred container for us to grow and shift and deepen with joy! I loved the experience!"

~ Ariana Newcomer - The Voice Coach’s Voice Coach

“A powerful weekend; great variety of ways to explore body, heart, mind, all opened us to the shadow and her gifts ultimately revealed. The depth of truth revealed showed me things to explore more deeply. A safe container was made by the facilitators and the women attending that allowed truth to bubble forth from each of our depths. We saw out commonality and that we were not alone and had allies.”

~ Jen Devine, Theologian, educator & pleasure activist

"I really enjoyed the retreat. Thank you for organizing it. I particularly liked having the sessions with many different people to learn about a lot of different things. I'm very glad I attended."

~ Vera Ginzbourg - Graphic Designer

"I love what you've been putting out there to the community of women. It feels really empowering."
~ Susan Lingo - Cranio Sacral Therapist

"I attended this amazing, heart opening, fulfilling weekend! Jessica is a true goddess and holds the space like a queen. For connecting and sharing with other women from our hearts regarding conscious healing business', this was a nourishing and educational way to spend a weekend. THANK YOU all wise women who shared their gifts, skills and talents!"

~ Kim Stanley - Retired youth educator

“I really appreciated how the facilitators allowed each woman to express their deepest emotions in ways that helped them see the power and strength in their feminine. Great job ladies! I am so excited about future workshops!”

~ Ayo Williams, Corporate Trainer
"I feel so fortunate to have this opportunity in my life, to be surrounded by so wonderful woman and grow together....I believe that every woman in this world deserve this same possibility.
Bless you!"

~ Marina Ubaldini, Doula, Sound Healer

"These workshops have helped me to drop my shields and to fully take responsibility for all I’ve generated
and not. I'm blown away by the levels of fear that I've been able to drop since our last workshop. I'm truly grateful and excited to share this weekend with you all."

~Spencer Franklin, Branding Consultant

"Thank you so much for the rich experience in diving deep into the shadow! I'm also feeling light, creative and happy; inspired and driven to move forward toward my dreams. Thank you! I look forward to attending more of these."

~ Lisa Springer, School Teacher

"Thank you for creating a beautifully nurturing, safe and transformative sacred space this past weekend. It was a pleasure to be introduced to you at such a lovely event and to witness you shining. May you bask in the afterglow of this wonderful event and may it bring you an abundance of blessings.
In deep gratitude and love."

~ Angela Serviss

“All of the facilitators created such a warm, safe haven to explore & express my shadow side. I discovered that my power, wholeness and authenticity comes from tapping into and embracing this side of me. The variety of exercises allowed me to go into and express my big emotions and passion! I feel empowered and liberated to offer my gifts to the world as a result of this wonderful weekend. Thank you!”

~ Margaret Sladewski, Integration & Life Coach

“I felt incredibly supported and safe with this group. I think it has to do with building a safe space slowly and over the weekend, where you can really open up. Thank you for all of the participants and facilitators. I would recommend this workshop to anyone willing to uncover the deep hidden parts of themselves in order to heal.”
~ Maria Crescembeni, Bi-lingual Interpreter

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