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Light Language Workshop

Light Language Workshop with Jamie Lu
November 5th 3:00 - 6:00pm, $44 contribution

Hummingbird Medicine Art and Healing Studio
817 Stanton St, Berkeley, CA 94702

The Language of the Soul.

In this 3 hour workshop you will receive:
- Light language transmission to raise your vibration to that of wellness and joy.
- A discussion about Light Language and how to use it as a tool for awakening.
- Learn a new model for emotional connection and communication that will transform your relationship with others and the world.
- Why the key to spiritual growth and emotional healing is in communication.
- Learn New Earth communication skills that nurture love and insight.

Light is information that contains the codes of creation. Geometry is the foundational structure for art, science, music, and architecture. Its images, codes, and shapes are found in DNA, crystals, atoms, mandalas, hieroglyphs, and pyramids. The language of light is a sacred geometry produced by vibration.  Light Language is a powerful sacred gift that gives purposeful expression of love from Creator.

Light language allows us to pick up information from realms beyond what is commonly accessed. Therefore, it is a beneficial ascension tool that allows us to interact with our guidance team, nature, animals, and one another on a deep soul level. 

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