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Awakening: WTF is happening?

What is the significance of a Spiritual Awakening in times of global turmoil and personal crisis?

This workshop is for you if you are experiencing:

- Emerging sensitivity to others and the world around you, and wondering what to do about it
- A difficult physical condition, and are searching for an alternative, yet effective way to heal the source of it
- A sudden loss, separation in relationship, divorce, challenging life changes
- Difficult emotions, strong feelings, conflicts in life, not knowing how to cope or deal with yourself or others around you
- In a spiritual practice but life doesnt seem to be progressing in the way you would like....

This workshop is also for you if you identify yourself as:
an Empath, Indigo, Way Shower, Healer, Holistic Practitioner, or are aware that you are going through a personal awakening that others may have a hard time relating too.

- The purpose of life changes and how to get through them with ease and grace
- Clear the limiting beliefs that hold you back from freedom
- How to be a light in this world of troubling times

Join us at SHE Living TV for this inspirational workshop with Ascension Guide and Vibrational Healer, Jamie Lu, whom will lend insight to the above questions, in context of the Awakening, how it effects you and how to get through challenges with ease and grace. Jamie Lu will also guide us into a live healing process that will give relief, empowerment and clarity.

Workshop: Contribution based, sliding scale: $0 - $50

"If you are not awake to it, you are a slave to it" - Cindy Ma, Host

“Efforting will not give you the result you seek.
When you shift your energy into alignment, life becomes
your greatest beloved.

Any creation is possible. 

The consciousness that looks INTO the world
can change the world. By deeply seeing the nature of all things,
one can see beyond limitation." - Jamie Lu

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