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Breathwork Journey

In this experience, we will be combining breath work with an archetypal story experience to transport us into various aspects of our consciousness for the purpose of bringing breath into every possible facet of our bodies.

The 26 Threads system of archetypes bridges Jungian depth psychology with Chinese energetics into a comprehensive system of awareness.

Each archetype has a specific resonance signature and by targeting these individually we are able to move the development of each one further along toward the next natural stage in evolution for a more smoothly flowing spectrum of consciousness

By incorporating story and music to correspond with each archetype we are able to elicit a much more visceral response to the embodiment of these specific frequencies.

Sound healer Jamie Lu will incorporate Light Language transmissions and harmonics designed for deep awakening.

As an optional component, cannabis can help us to go on an even deeper psychedelic journey or remembering. The goddess of cannabis assists us in feeling and surrendering to what would otherwise be numbness and apathy. This is recommended only for confident psyche explorers.

The Expandabis method will be integrated into this process, which involves intentional laughter - thereby filling the darkness with light. Useful for an instant profound effect on the state of the body. 

Altogether, this will be a compelling and transformative inward journey never to be forgotten (unless perhaps you consume too much THC!)

Join us for a free informational webinar on Sept 26th where you can ask any questions that may come up around this event!

Facilitated by the founder of Expandabis, JoshuAlive (Joshua Falcon-Grey) as well as Channel and Sound Healer Jamie Lu.

Joshua is fascinated by story: the technology which helps us make sense of the world around us. 
With the mind and genes of an engineer, Joshua loves reverse engineering story to the point of seeing the deeper underlying functions that spark human desires and emotions - All for the purpose of freedom from restriction, and nurturing of ourselves and each other. 
As a filmmaker, and practitioner of shamanic cannabis ceremony, Joshua applies story to the evolution of consciousness through powerful experiences...straight out of dreams and nurtured into reality. 
Passionate in facilitating the development of leaders, Joshua surrounds himself with and fosters confident and powerful leaders who value self-inquiry and are committed to ongoing transformation.

Jamie Lu is a "conduit" for Divine Consciousness. Like a vessel, she holds and emanates the energy of Love and Grace. This is the energy that heals, and can bring the lost, disowned or damaged parts of ourselves back into wholeness. She has the ability to move this energy through her voice and hands, and channel it into a coherent and elevated frequency that can cause people to respond to healing and awaken to their Divinity. This ability has led to her commitment in pioneering a new vision for health and wellness by holding a sacred space of healing for others. She assists and guides others in aligning to the deep, meaningful truth within them, and awakening to the awareness of their whole and complete self which is multi-dimensional and energetic. This can activate a state of higher functioning, clarity and freedom.

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Later Event: October 6
Crystalline Sound Meditation