An Evening with Kuan Yin

  • Healing Waves Wellness Center 303 Potrero St #16 Santa Cruz, California USA

Live Channeling, Q&A

Resolve inner conflict and return to the inner sanctuary of the heart.

Please join us for a sacred gathering to receive in the wisdoms and healing energies of the Ascended Master, Kuan Yin. She lived on Earth in ancient times as a legendary Mystic and a performer of miracles in China. Largely known as the Eastern Mother Mary, she is an aspect of Source Consciousness that represents the Divine Loving Principle and is the totality of compassion for humanity. She came to Anthos and Jamie Lu to share in her messages of Truth to the world. She is helping thousands of people resolve inner conflict and return to the inner sanctuary of the heart through her transmissions. 

We will open the circle with a 20 minute Sound Bath by Sound Healer, Jamie Lu. She has a gift of opening to the higher realms and transmuting negative blocked energy instantly so we can arrive to a resonance to meet the consciousness of the Ascended Masters.

Master Kuan Yin will share in guidance and wisdom for the group through the Channel, Anthos. Kuan Yin loves and welcomes questions from the audience to support them in the progression of their lives.

Kuan Yin Transmissions:

Healing Waves Chiropractic
303 Potrero St #16
Santa Cruz, California
Attendance: $50

About Jamie and Anthos
Are a loving couple and founders of - A foundation that promotes wellbeing through collective sharing of healing modalities, skills and retreats. Jamie Lu is a Meditation Teacher and Sound Anthos Sotnya is a Channel and Intuitive 

Together they bring through messages of healing and support from beyond the veil and specialise in a skilled transmission method that brings people into direct connection with their own divinity for the purposes of deep healing, personal growth and realisations in consciousness.

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