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The Universal Symphony

  • Bamboo Spirit Ubud (map)

The Universal Symphony
Channeled Sound Healing
Bamboo Spirit, Ubud, Bali

~ A very Special, Sacred and One Time Group Healing and Activation for yourself and the Planet ~ 

Saturday, July 30
4pm-6:30pm, 14 people max, Contribution: 300k rp


On this powerful day, we are holding a convergence of light, sound and information, to spark an internal symphony of transformation. Facilitated by the two channels Jamie Lu and James Milne, whom have been Divinely guided to come together at this time to uplift and advance the health and ascension of humankind through their awoken and extensive understanding of energetics and frequency work. Together they share their intuitive gifts in transmitting wisdom & healing from the Clear Light of Divine Source.

From James and Jamie:

“This group is being called forth from our Souls, to initiate a sacred symphony of alchemy, where spontaneous healing and activations within consciousness give way to greater manifestations in life and expansion into the embodied soul essence and presence of Love.

We have been instructed to create a light field of Oneness, holding the heart field that allows all to take place. This welcomes a deep soul healing and activation journey beyond body and mind. Together we will access and decode our souls knowledge into the physical form.

Join us for a new kind of sound healing where we will explore the possibility of our intentions, allowing all that stands in the way to drop away, allowing our heart to open, and allowing our mind to rest and fall into the abyss. We will allow a clear channel of soul information to be downloaded into the body for the purpose of greater alignment. We will be accessing these layers of the soul to bring in and clear the channels for your intentions to come through, stimulated by Spirit.

This is a deeply powerful energetic process that can bring up much to be healed and can lead to momentous life shifts. It is a deeply relaxing and gentle process where one simply lies down and receives their healing journey. The journey is unique for everyone and everyone’s intentions will help lead the journey. The journey will include channeled wisdom for the group, where the group has opportunity to ask the channel questions and receive guidance.

We are also creating a space for all to be held in a heart frequency for group consciousness healing with the higher intentions. By participating in these groups you are helping the collective consciousness see deeper into life. By seeing this we also heal much deeper layers related to our family, our ancestors, our generations. In this way, The Universal Symphony will activate and help heal the deepest part of you and the collective / planet.


  •  Ancient Indian, crystal mandala activation
  •  Access your group belief systems to transform them into a higher awareness
  •  Self growth and inner insight to the nature of your own being
  •  Attunement to the 5th Dimensional Earth Gaia and Soul Star
  •  Increase your ability to heal (for energy workers, healers, etc.)
  •  Light Body/Light Field activation
  •  Individual treatment and collective consciousness healing
  •  Group questions to the channel

These groups are held by accessing the greater wisdom of the Cosmos but they also have some formal structure of ancient cultures. In coming together we have created a harmonic of new, yet ancient indian cultures, advanced healing techniques, and highly intuitive ways of bringing these together. These come together to form a new basis of healing, that come in the form of tones, healing frequencies, sounds, ancient mantras and light language - a medicine for the soul - all guided from the Source of consciousness.”

About the Facilitators



James Milne:
“I have been on a deep journey of 11years after an experience I had when I was nineteen, where I saw myself as infinite love, beyond good and bad, beyond the story I was living, and seeing the deeper wisdom of what I was here to do. Not in identification of a particular mission, but simply to love and bring love. I could see the potential of who we are beyond the body and how our whole self can manifest in each moment. That we are one with everything and the core is love. I was sitting out of time and space but I could understand its purpose, I could see that we are all linked to our knowing and that it is an allowing process that let this unfold.

This awareness lead me to a commitment to the work I do now, which has required years of self-training and supporting myself through programs, with discipline and motivation. All this comes together to form a practice where I act as a channel for frequencies and consciousness. Accessing the data from specific fields of consciousness, a person or a place, through time and space. I am present with the information allowing what is needed to arise and be translated through sound, light frequencies, movements and messages. This helps the Consciousness to unravel, anchor and become whole again. Allowing deeper insights, clarity, energy, and innate skills to be seen.


Jamie Lu: 
“My journey comes from an unusual awareness I had as a young child, where I understood future timelines, and saw how fragmented and disconnected people were and how this created disharmony in their lives. I watched my own family disintegrate out of love, the depression and decay of my health, and the toxic addictions that ravaged those closest to me. From this dark reality, I had awoken an undeniable drive to heal myself and help those around me. Out of faith and deep surrender to the unknown, I was lead to experience many miracles in my life; such as the knowledge to heal myself, access to my own healing modality, transcendence from poverty, and the witnessing of my family heal from the inside out — all of this made possible through the wisdom of my teachers and self-training. My path deepened my relationship with Source Intelligence, which moved me to work with the profound healing properties of light, energy and sound. This is shared largely in the sessions, coaching and workshops I offer for people around the world today.

Since childhood, I’ve had an immense compassion for people. I remember wanting to help the planet in some way, that I was “meant to bring great change”. In my maturing into this realisation, many seers have told me along the way that I have wings of an “Angel”, that the Ascended Masters are teaching me and that I carry “White Goddess” energy. With all that I have learned and continue to learn from beyond the veil, I live to share, empower and inspire people into realizing their heart's joy. It is my joy to share the song of soul healing, that calls to awaken and nourish us in Love and Compassion.”

- Jamie Lu

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