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Moss Beach: Language of Light

Language of Light
Channeled Sound Ceremony / Blessing

Divine Love is the force that Heals all things, Nourishes all life, and Returns all to their original Source code, back to the authentic, aware and natural self. Journey into the depths of the heart space, return to center and clarity of mind. 

Jamie Lu is a renowned Energy Healer & Sound Therapist visiting from Bali, Indonesia where she operates a premiere international holistic healing practice. She is accredited for being one of the top healers to see in Bali, an island that brings millions of visitors every year for healing and spiritual pilgrimages. This is a rare opportunity to receive a channeled activation by Jamie Lu before she travels.

For this evening:
- Divine consciousness will be shared through the Spoken Word, Healing Touch, Light Language, Healing Frequencies, and Energetic Alignments all guided in flow with Spirit, beyond any technique or modality.
- We work with the field of consciousness to activate your own channel, enliven healing capabilities and breakthrough limiting belief patterns and subconscious blocks to empower the emergence of your true self.
- It is suggested that participants wear all white and receive the blessing through meditation or lying down in savasana.

~ Please arrive early so we may begin our ceremony together.

Joy-Being Yoga Massage Reiki  2385 Carlos St Ste A, Moss Beach, California 94038

Please bring a yoga mat if possible as well as a blanket/pillow if desired. If you need a yoga mat, please let us know and we will bring one for you.

Suggested Donation is $33. 

To reserve your spot and pay in advance please contact:
Nadine Keller or 650-219-9395

We look forward to sharing this expereince with you...

Many Blessings, Nadine

*** From Jamie Lu:

"I have been living in states of spontaneous channel, the universe guiding me to certain locations to deliver an upgrade in frequency, certain people to deliver a healing has been non-stop, as it seems I have been traveling as an instrument, a conduit, for a column of light to come through and anchor into the planet -- with this light comes a beautiful language that is nearly impossible for me to articulate in words. 

This language comes with the light, and in a way, is the light expressed, without the influence of the mind, in total emptiness. When I ask my guides where this language comes from, they tell me it comes from my "Presence with the Clear Light of Oneness". The language has healing properties and activation codes that correspond to the chakras and DNA. It activates our inner knowing and helps us to move forward with our lives.

I have been sharing this in my private healing sessions and I also have used it on myself to great effect. Recently, I had a bladder infection, I immediately channeled this light language to myself, intending to relieve the infection. The infection gently dissipated soon after and I came into full understanding of the thinking/attitudes/emotions that caused the infection in the first place. There is much to be shared about this language, but I will only share what is pertinent for this event which is about receiving and experiencing it for yourself. 

These light codes call to awaken the heart of humanity, they speak to an exspansion of conciousness, an emptiness of mind and sing to the essence of true love and passion for life. "

xo Jamie Lu

“Light can be carried into the DNA in various ways, including sound. Sound creates light and is the pollinator of our DNA, it activates it, and DNA responds to it. Sound enlivens your DNA….” ~ Deborah DeLisi

From the channel:
"This language goes beyond the human word, and beyond the human understanding, to touch the depths of the human heart. 
This is no "language" but a light that the soul and the bodies DNA are familiar and well attuned with, as it has been designed this way since the origins of your existence. In this transmission of Source light and information, All that is shared will be felt and understood by the Soul, and all that is gained shall be integrated within your BEing. If now is not the appropriate time for your BEing to accept this blessing (illuminated information), then it will remain within your field until you are ready to access it. When one hears this language with just the physical sense of "hearing" one may try to understand it's origins, its era, its meaning, its content. This cannot be fully realised for what is being shared transcends time and space and the dualistic nature of reality itself. It is a time-less, non-dual, multi-dimensional light that is expressed in the physical through the channel, yet it's whole expression starts within the convergence point within the One heart -- so we shall meet in a field of Oneness, together from the heart, to share in this Universal Light as it is a Universal Language of Divine Love.

This Language is channeled from above and below, as such it is intrinsically connected to and attuned with the Earth as much as the greater Cosmos. In some ways, you can think of it as a language of the New Earth as it carries codes from the sacred heart of Mother Gaia herself. This channel can only be accessed through the vibration of Compassion and True Love, as the conduit has prepared herself over many lifetimes to skilfully channel this particular frequency where now, the time is most appropriate for it to be shared."

Jamie Lu is a leader in Applied Energy Medicine and Sound Therapist, Founder of The Love Rising Foundation and frequently travels the world to share her medicine. Private Healing Sessions with Jamie Lu are available in Ubud and over Skype:

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