Embodying the Goddess

A man or woman embodying the Goddess is a rare occurrence that requires ordination from the Divine - You are chosen for the "job" - it is not something you take a workshop for nor is it something that you will achieve even if you are initiated into it. However, with the right support and sacred container, it is possible.

A person embodying the Goddess is a Master. His/Her path is Self Mastery and Self Actualisation. She is the master of her thoughts, her desires, her emotions, her kundalini power and the energies of a space. He is in command of his presence and able to command the presence of his world, he is in full committed service to the Divine Mother. A person embodying the Goddess is here to change the world, and will, for this Divine power is the missing link and what is needed to overcome the insurmountable. It is very likely that the few people whom are chosen to embody the Goddess will ever tell you or show you. They indeed, have an important role to play in the evolution of our Earth, they are genuine warriors of the Divine Feminine Truths and are wise to reserve their sacred codes to those ready to receive them.

Everyone has the capacity to rise into their Highest calling and embody their Divine God/Goddess Self. The Goddess is the Alchemist to bring the whole Divine into fruition for each Soul, so true balance between the inner masculine and feminine polarities can be achieved and harmony can be restored, inside the sacredness of the individual and inside of a sacred relationship. The Goddess is here to restore the true Tantra of the Heart, and she is not very happy with the "tantra" that is being propagated in the mainstream today. This is all I will say. Be Aware and follow thy own heart to that which is Supreme, Pure and Best for your Soul's Essence. Much Love <3

Jamie LuComment