Spiritual Teachers and The Ego

From client: "What is the reason for the advice of keeping away from spiritual teachers and shamans? It keeps coming up and I'm unable to get away from it."

Jamie Lu: It's not that Spiritual Teachers or Shamans are bad, it's just that times are changing. We are transcending to an era where we can connect ourselves to greater levels of awareness and creative consciousness, just by choosing to shine the light on our inner world.

There are many seekers out there -- where we come from in our intention when we engage with teachers is very important to be aware of. If we come from the ego that seeks spiritual attainment because it doesn't want to accept that enlightenment happens on it's own, then we are not progressing. It's like the ego wants to do something to earn it or it wants someone else to do it for him, as if the freedom is going to come from a power outside of ourselves, vs. finding it within.

Far too many people enjoy the idea of the "expert", someone having an authority to help us and be responsible for making it better for us. This will never be true, as our betterment is really our own responsibility. The true teacher is within.

Unfortunately, we are living in an age where far too many teachers are profiting from their seekers, and that is because many of these so called leaders are not living in themselves as healed and free of the ego just yet. There are too many energetically contaminated and not coming from a pure healed heart.

And then you may see people with this awareness, quick to point the finger and call for a witch hunt on these leaders whom are profiting. This is the blind provoking the blind, and no one is transcending anything this way.

I like to say, that you can only take others as far as you have taken yourself. Anyone whom is offering any sacred knowledge or service that leads you further away from true self-empowerment, and more importantly, feeling the Love of Creation in your own heart, is not helpful. After all, you are a child of Creation, you are a Divine Creative Being, It's your birthright to be in touch with your greater connection. It's totally different living life from this orientation of *knowing*, as it is access to the unlimited higher mind and infinite free energy. It doesn't cost a thing. Yet we live in a world where you have to pay your way to survive; land is owned, water is owned, knowledge is owned, people are owned, spirituality is owned.

You see what I mean? This is the old patriarchal system. And many of our infrastructures, education systems, way of being, come from this place vs. a place that truly embraces our true, playful, creative and free nature.

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