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7 days • April 2018


The Resonance of Love Retreat


April 18 - 24 2018

Join us for a lifetime event: An Immersion into The Authentic You, a Sound Healing and Consciousness Retreat ~ Limited group ~ 16 spots only ~. Come join us in Ubud Bali, Indonesia.

There is much to gain in the realm of living true to yourself--freedom, expansion, a true shift...beyond the perfectionism, the procrastination, and what other people think, what wants to come alive in your authentic skin? What could it be like to start living from a place of true connection? 

The Resonance of Love is a powerful 7 day residential retreat led by experienced facilitators on the path of Love, Unity and Spiritual Awakening, in beautiful Bali.

This will be a life altering journey that will fill you with extraordinary levels of light from within, so you can make the shift you have come here to make.

Genuine liberation means to be living in the heart, allowing love and peace to be in all moments. The act of this creates the world around us, and frees all those held captive by judgements. The consciousness that looks into the world can change the world by deeply seeing the nature of all things, it is this insight that can help one to see beyond the limitations of the mind.

Transcendence of the ego nature in mankind is not only possible, it is a breath away.

We will take quantum leaps in our personal growth and melt in the resonance of Love: the purest healing frequencies to raise our vibrations so we may become more of the lighter vibrations within ourselves. We will be deeply in touch with our inter-connectedness between ourselves and the planet, allowing us to move beyond the cultural limitations of language, judgement and ingrained belief.
"One Sound, One Light, One Essence"

This retreat experience is full of many surprises, including a visit to a sacred Balinese waterfall, known to locals for it's supreme purifying qualities. 

It is time to live a life you absolutely LOVE!

Our Journey together includes plenty of down time to integrate your shifts gracefully into your life. This retreat is for men and women, individuals and couples whom are ready for their next level.  You are looking for real, tangible change and wish to bring your light to every aspect of your life: relationships, intimacy, purposeful career and wellness/health.


Calling iN the tribe

The Resonance of Love gives you a chance to experience a greater connection to yourself, to others and to life within united community. Belong to a heart-to-heart tribe that supports and nurtures your spiritual growth and gifts.


What keeps blocking you from leading the life you are destined to live? The retreat reveals a map of common pitfalls of the human condition - and refreshing pathways towards ascending into freedom, clear awareness and grounded heart connection. 


  • Delicious high vibe meals to support
    nutrition and detoxing
  • Luxury Private bedroom w/bathroom, retreat center has swimming pool and spa facilitates.
  • Daily Vinyasa Yoga Class
  • Water Purification at Sacred (and secret!) Waterfall
  • Sound Healing at the Pyramids of Chi
  • A truly remarkable and nourishing life experience
  • Local Van Transportation
  • Airport Pick Up and Drop Off


  • Personal Energy Healing
  • Personal Intuitive Reading
  • Personal Breakthrough Coaching Sessions

$2888 USD, single bed in double occupancy room

$3222 USD, single private suite

For 16 people only, book now!
Monthly Payment Plan Available.


The Resonance of Love is taking applicants now.


Our Retreat Center

Unplugg from noise of the world and connect to something greater, amongst quiet beautiful rice paddies and jungle canyon. 

The Resonance of Love processes are holistic and practical, connecting threads of light across the entire mind-body-soul-energy-field. We will take part in:

Meditation • Inner Child Healing • Mental Clearing • Yoga • Breathe work • Sound Healing Energy Healing • Prayer • Dance 

The time for guru’s and great teachers are done. We are transcending to an era where as we shed light on our inner world, we achieve a heightened state of connection and Spiritual awareness.
— Justin Andries, Facilitator





Sound Healing at the Pyramids of Chi


 Experience how resonant frequencies can heal the body, heart and mind. Feel lighter, clearer and more uplifted, naturally. Experience the power of Jamie's soul activating sounds in Bali's premiere Sound healing Center - The Pyramids of Chi. These Pyramids are built specifically for Sound Healing.

We welcome you to immerse yourself in the ancient art of sound healing and experience complete tranquility. There are two large Pyramids, where we will experience Ancient Sounds and another where we will immerse in Sound and Breath Therapy, each producing amazing energies, offering a unique relaxing and energising experience for all.

Sound is the universal language
Love is the Universal healer
Light is the child of their union
— Jamie Lu, Facilitator


come alive


The Sacredness of Bali

 Ubud, Bali, is home to a powerful vortex of energy that can purify and connect you to the beauty and goodness of life.  Allow Bali to melt you as you learn the way of Love within the container of high vibrational support. We will learn the Balinese way of ceremony and purify ourselves in a healing waterfall known to locals.  


This retreat is an invitation to come home to ourselves and celebrate the deep connection with each other, Mother Nature and the Divine Spirit.

A safe space will be created to return to the guiding power of the Heart where we can let go, relax, tune-in, heal and go deeper in abiding in who we really are. 


  • Clearing past life energies.
  • Healing physical issues.
  • Downloads and clear insights about your true nature and the true nature of your relationships.
  • Upgrades and multi-strand DNA/Divine Blueprint activations.
  • Initiations into remembering who you are, your past lives, information from your Akashic record, activating your spiritual gifts and/or stepping into your highest life path.
  • Light coded information.
  • A mega boost in frequency.


  • Lighter and brighter, more connected to your Divine essence.
  • Grounded heart connection.
  • More self love and love for others. 
  • Physical issues disappearing, resolving or changing.
  • Expansive and spacious. Confident and agile.
  • Ability to make better choices for yourself and your future.
  • Opening of new opportunities.
  • Enhanced creativity.

You are the one's who will

light the world


About The Retreat Leader


Jamie Lu


Jamie Lu, Founder of the humanitarian initiative, Love Rising,  She brings her intuitive healing gifts to liberate people through empowering and life changing transformations.

An internationally renowned Sound Healer and Mediation Teacher, She leads "people’s empowerment is a person’s enlightenment” workshops, mentors individuals on Spiritual Awakening and runs life changing retreats at sacred sites all around the world.  

"Jamie Lu is a gifted intuitive healer utilizing a variety of methods, including touch, sound, and energy work to induce transformation and balance on every level of the mind, body and spirit. She is world-renowned for working with difficult illnesses and diseases, after healing herself from a heart condition and Hashimoto’s disease at age 24."

-- Ryan Mandell, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine


A Note About Mt. Agung: In 2017, Bali experienced a mild eruption from volcano Mt. Agung. The town of Ubud where this retreat is held, was largely unaffected due to the great distance. Today, Mt. Agung has been quiet and there are no predictions of another eruption from the seismologists monitoring the volcano. We continue to monitor the activity, however, we believe that Ubud will actually be very pleasant to be in come April due to the lessening of tourist traffic. In the event of a natural disaster, we will issue a full refund, minus the payment processing fee of 3%. 


“As an international speaker on matters of the Heart, Self-Discovery, Energy, and Love, I’ve seen and experienced many different modalities of healing, holding space, and transformational work.  I can say with a big smile of gratitude on my face that Jamie’s unique blend of sound therapy, channeled energy, and powerful presence is one of the most profound experiences I’ve had - and days later I’m still feeling the buzz from it all!  From vibrant visuals, tangible feeling of energy, and a deep sense of connecting threads internally I am throughly pleased and filled with clarity, power, and inspiration from Jamie’s work.” - Rodolfo Young


"After the session I experienced a deep remembrance of who I am and what I'm here to do. It's been a lifelong inner process, God knows, and today I honor Jamie Lu for facilitating an absolutely wondrous session where this is the written conclusion: Thank YOU from Eternal Space for this Giant Loving Gifting." - Sanata, Dubai


"The crystalline light body activation Jamie facilitated for me was powerful and deep. During the session I got a very clear message that souls like Jamie have awoken first to support others with their journeys in ways such as this. Thank you Jamie for your offering and guidance. Love and light x" - Alice, Singapore


"My Heart has expanded, and is full of gratitude and Love for Jamie and the healing Beings that serve our experience on Earth through this ascending transition! Three very deep and intense days in which I could clearly feel the surging and clearing up of thought and sensory material...felt so loved and held and supported...now know with my whole Being that this process of transformation into Light and Love is ever deepening and so this lucky blessed lifetime and form can be more purely lived in Service of Infinite Sorce💜Gracias Gracias Beloved Jamie...may so many souls be too blessed by your company and guide🙏🏻" - Carla, Mexico


"The session today was a great blessing. I felt the powerful work that you were doing with sound and voice permeate all of my bodies including my physical body. Energy centers throughout my system were lighting up and creating waves of pleasure and bliss. Thanks again." - Mel, California


"I was very blessed to have met Jamie in Bali when I was going through a chronic lower back issue that was related to an old injury from my dance career. After experimenting with various holistic therapies for the last 3 years, Jamie's work is one of the most potent and profound session I have ever experienced. After attending a few of Jamie's group sessions one year ago I had a private session as well as some distant healing. The severe physical pain I had at the time practically vanished within hours after her session. I was astonished that I was able to recover so quickly and walk again. I was also able to understand the deeper messages of my physical manifestation.Through Jamie's gifts of channeling and healing through the sounds and frequencies of her voice I experienced shifts that are unexplainable till this day. In addition to her gifts in healing I feel that I was given an initiation to continue to explore through sound, voice and frequencies and continuing to be fascinated by this type of work. Deep gratitude to Jamie and her loving presence. I highly recommend anyone who is looking for alternative therapies. I believe that her work is one in a million and will continue to touch many other lives with her pure gift from source." -- Much love, Maria Deller, Bali


"After having had the opportunity to experience the power and magic of Jamie's healing presence in two of her group ceremonies, I felt moved to try an individualised session with her and am so glad I did! with the gentle and compassionate guidance of Jamie's highly attuned perception and depth of wisdom on what was needing to be healed - and a great deal of skillful artistry - I was able to trust and surrender to the unfolding of a miraculous and meaningful journey. For me, this work seems to meet me at the most fundamental and at the same time most subtle strata of my being, striking chords and hitting resonances in previously unsounded places. I believe it is from this place that we are able to remake ourselves, or rather allow ourselves to be remade, and in that sense Jamie's work is highly empowering. Rather than it being one discreet and transformative journey, it seems to offer people the gift of a more direct and intimate experience of themselves, from which real and lasting change can happen." - Jillian Crocker


"Jamie is a master in the art of ancient healing...she can help you overcome any emotional (& physical!) trauma that you may be experiencing, no matter where you are in the world. She has helped me overcome a very long battle with substance abuse & truely gave me a 2nd chance at life. You deserve the happiest life possible...this is it, you only have one life, make it the best! - Julie Aldridge, Texas, USA


“I have received healing treatments from Jamie on a regular basis now over the course of about one year. She helped me tremendously in my transformation from pain and anger to compassion and kindness -- from a rigid ego to a free spirit.After a burn-out and a severely herniated spinal disc, I am now feeling healthy and thriving again. In practically every session, the energy I felt made my legs spasm uncontrollably, showing that my nervous system was releasing a lot of stored tension.  During my healing process, I also learned that the more I was able to trust and let go of my judgement and expectations, the more her flush of pure love energy was healing me! Sessions with Jamie are very pleasant and always make me feel soft, calm and light” - Niklaus Frey, Zurich, Switzerland