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8 days • April 2018

Beloved Bali

The Resonance of Love Retreat


April 18 - 25 2018

A Life Changing Retreat Experience in Ubud Bali, Indonesia.

What could it be like to start living from a place of true connection? Perhaps you've been on the path for awhile, but you're still not seeing the results you really want to see from your Spiritual Life?

Then it may be time to make some new shifts! Hint: It’s not your thinking. There are ‘deeper roots’ where your light is needed to make the shift you want to see!

The Resonance of Love, is a powerful 8-Day residential retreat led by experienced facilitators on the path of Love, Unity and Spiritual Awakening. The course provides lasting results that expand over time and integrate gracefully into your life. This retreat is for men and women, individuals and couples whom are ready for their next level.  You are looking for real, tangible change and wish to bring your light to every aspect of your life: relationships, intimacy, purposeful career and wellness/health.


The Resonance of Love gives you a chance to experience a greater connection to yourself, to others and to life within united community. Belong to a heart-to-heart tribe that supports and nurtures your spiritual growth and gifts


What keeps blocking you from leading the life you are destined to live? The course reveals a map of common pitfalls of the human condition - and refreshing pathways towards ascending into spiritual freedom, clear awareness and grounded heart connection. 

Practical Ascension

We will speak about the Ascension (spiritual awakening) and how to skilfully navigate it in practical and simple ways. We will participate in deep healing exercises designed to release and renew as well as expand your mind to your unbounded potential.  Our intention is that you arrive into experiencing clear insights revealing the true nature about yourself and your relationships throughout our journey together. If you accept, then The Resonance of Love offers you the potential for a transformative experience you will never forget. Be prepared for Miracles and Surprises!



  • Delicious, high vibe, vegetarian meals to support
    nutrition and detoxing
  • Luxury Single Private bedroom w/bathroom 
  • Daily Vinyasa Yoga Class
  • Water Purification at Sacred (and secret!) Waterfall
  • Sound Healing at the Pyramids of Chi
  • The Resonance of Love Course
  • Transportation
  • Swimming pool


  • Private Spa and Massage
  • Private Energy Healing Sessions
  • Private Pyschic Reading

Early Bird Tuition: $2888 USD until January 31.
Regular Tuition is $3222 USD per person

Early bird spots are limited, book now!
**Work Trade available for photographers/videographers**
Monthly Payment Plan Available.

We offer the opportunity to let go of the effort and find the FUN in resting into the untapped goodness waiting for you!





Sound Healing at the Pyramids of Chi


 Experience how resonant frequencies can heal the body, heart and mind. Feel lighter, clearer and more uplifted, naturally. Experience the power of Jamie's soul activating sounds in Bali's premiere Sound healing Center - The Pyramids of Chi. These Pyramids are built specifically for Sound Healing.

We welcome you to immerse yourself in the ancient art of sound healing and experience complete tranquility. There are two large Pyramids, where we will experience Ancient Sounds and another where we will immerse in Sound and Breath Therapy, each producing amazing energies, offering a unique relaxing and energising experience for all.

Sound is the universal language
Love is the Universal healer
Light is the child of their union
— Jamie Lu, Facilitator

Purify, Recharge, & Authentically

come alive


The Sacredness of Bali

 Ubud, Bali, is home to a powerful vortex of energy that can purify and connect you to the beauty and goodness of life.  Allow Bali to melt you as you learn the way of Love within the container of high vibrational support. We will purify ourselves in a healing waterfall known to locals.  We will stand in the grandeur of endless rice paddy fields and experience the greatness and perfection of mother nature.


8 unforgettable days of  healing &



Our Retreat Center

Unplugg from noise of the world and connect to something greater, amongst quiet beautiful rice paddies and jungle canyon. 

The Resonance of Love processes are holistic and practical, connecting threads of light across the entire mind-body-soul-energy-field. We will take part in:

Meditation • Rituals at sacred sites • Somatic practices • Inner Child Healing • Mental Clearing • Yoga • Breathe work • Sound Healing • Energy Healing • Prayer • Dance 

The time for guru’s and great teachers are done. We are transcending to an era where as we shed light on our inner world, we achieve a heightened state of connection and Spiritual awareness.
— Justin Andries, Facilitator


The Greatest Journey one will take is

The Journey
Of Self Love



The Inner Journey Home

The resonance of love helps you Track the unfamiliar territory found on the journey of self discovery and fearlessly face the unknown. Embrace the unknown and flow with the mystery that holds our life safe.

Together we will awaken to:

The truth of our Vibrational Universe

The Four Pillars of Divine Love

Soul Growth and Expansion

The Healing Journey of Self Love

The 7 stages of a Spiritual Awakening

We delve into the chambers of your own heart and fill them to the brim with expression, joy and inner peace. Through this you will stand up strong for yourself, live your core values and go after your dreams like never before. You love yourself enough to not be held back by life or limiting experiences
— Justin Andries, Facilitator

You are the one's who will

light the world


About The Retreat Leader


Jamie Lu is guided by a Divine Mission.  Founder of the humanitarian, Love Rising Foundation, She brings her intuitive healing gifts to liberate people through empowering and life changing transformations.

Jamie Lu created the "Resonance of Love" Course, to answer the call of a quickly evolving and awakening world. She is largely known for her work as an internationally renowned Sound Healer, Empath, Ascension guide and conduit for Divine Feminine Consciousness.  She leads people’s empowerment “is a people’s enlightenment” workshops, mentors individuals on Spiritual Awakening and runs life changing retreats at sacred sites all around the world. Her mission is one of unyielding love and purpose; To help move people from disconnection and suffering, to realizing their fullest potential in this life. A life connected to the highest energy; the infinite Love of Source.


Guest Facilitators

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 4.19.27 pm.png

Justin Andries

"There is no moment more powerful than when you know who you are and you choose to entirely embrace and truly become." 

Justin Andries leads illuminating workshops that empower individuals, corporations and groups around the world. He carries a world view of Spirituality, living in the expansion of who and what we are on the Soul level while maintaining a very practical and foundational approach to his teachings, tools and offerings.

Some also call Justin a "life coach for the Soul."
He works on an intuitive level, mirroring back the Divine blueprint of an individuals Soul. When doing Soul Readings he intuitively picks up what is blocking a person from their full potential and keeping them from living to their fullest ability.  The results are that people step more fully into their life and who they are Destined to be. 


EvA Kroes

"New Beginnings are Near
Connect to Source
All is Clear."

Eva Kroes coming soon...



A Note About Mt. Agung: In 2017, Bali experienced a mild eruption from volcano Mt. Agung. The town of Ubud where this retreat is held, was largely unaffected due to the great distance. Today, Mt. Agung has been quiet and there are no predictions of another eruption from the seismologists monitoring the volcano. We continue to monitor the activity, however, we believe that Ubud will actually be very pleasant to be in come April due to the lessening of tourist traffic. In the event of a natural disaster, we will issue a full refund, minus the payment processing fee of 3%.